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And the winner of the Ryn Shoes giveaway shows that it pays to tweet every day. 🙂  (That’s usually how I’ve won giveaways that I have entered too!)  Congratulations to our winner….drum roll please!

Kathy Luman is my winner!  I’ll shoot you an email chicky!  You’ll have 48 hours to get back to me!  Thank you so much to everyone for entering!  I wish I had a pair for each of you.  They are wonderful shoes and I live in mine.


I opened up my door to the UPS man a week ago and what should he have for me but these:


Are those not sweet? I love love love the red! (They have that style in blue too!)

First, let me tell you about Ryn shoes so that you know why I was so excited to get these!


Just wearing Ryn Shoes with their rocker soles helps with all of these problem areas!

  • Increases back muscle activity
  • Aligns body
  • Strenthens and tones core muscles
  • Trims and tones the body
  • Increases glute, thigh, & calf activity
  • Reduces stress on knee and ankle joints
  • Stabilizes and guides footstrike
  • Promotes energy return
  • Stimulates the arch
  • Promotes blood circulation

All that from a pair of shoes you say? Yes!

I am horrible about spending $$ on shoes. It’s another area where I spend on my kids, scrimp on myself. And I shouldn’t. Bad shoes are bad for your whole body.

I put the Ryn shoes on, stood up, and felt like I towered over my normal self. It took me a moment to get my balance, I’m not used to standing with correct posture.

The first day I wore them all day I took off and went to the casino with my mom. It took me a bit to get used to the way I felt when I walked in them, but I honestly think that was my body realigning itself as I was walking.

Do you know what the first thing was that I noticed after I got used to the way they felt on my feet? The fact that as I was walking, my whole abdomen was pulled in. If there were 2 things my grandma passed on to me it was that dynamite comes in small packages and to hold in your stomach as you walk. So the dynamite analogy is completely irrelevant (I used to be teased for being one of the smaller kids in class, haven’t had that problem in awhile), but the other totally works with this. When you are holding in your stomach when you walk, you’re working with your core muscles in your abdomen AND you look better. It’s like you had instant liposuction without the pain.

The other things that I noticed that day was that after a full day of walking when I normally notice the pain in my knees (I’ve always placed the blame on old cheerleading injuries.) and in my lower back, there was none. Maybe I shouldn’t be blaming cheerleading in my teens for my pain in my 30’s. I possibly should be putting the blame on the shoes that I’ve been wearing and my own posture. Ladies, when you wear heels, what happens? Back, knee, ankle, joint pain. When you’re wearing Ryn Shoes, it alleviates that pain. I wore dress shoes on Monday and noticed a huge difference in how I felt immediately. It wasn’t cool. I don’t think I’ll leave the house without my Ryn Shoes on. (See below: flirty dress, Ryn Shoes. If she can do it, I can too, right?)

Alleviate your pain and tone your muscles and improve blood circulation? I LOVE these shoes!

Want to see me in my shoes?





I took them myself, can you tell?

They have dress shoes too! I LOVE this! I want a pair. (images linked)

Cindy Black combo

RYN Indi Black

Did you know they have men’s shoes too?


(Think EXCELLENT father’s day present for dad!)


I love the ones she is wearing too! Check out other celebs wearing their Ryn Shoes!

The whole rocker-sole “Active Walking” category of footwear is rapidly gaining acceptance for enhanced muscle-toning, postural benefits and improved circulation. We applaud this new category of footwear for its inherent health benefits. Many manufacturers are entering this category with a wide variety of offerings. If shoes were cars, each brand will “drive” somewhat differently. The cheaper brands will be poorly constructed and drive like Yugos. They will feel good at first, but seams will split, the cushioning will bottom-out and the lining will be shot. Other brands will perform decently, and drive like Fords. The RYN shoes drive like a Lexus. You can feel the quality, control and stability with each step, and you have every reason to expect durability and longevity.

Now that I’ve had a week with my new shoes and adore them and how they make me feel, I feel comfortable saying you so should get a pair of these!

Guess what? You’ll never believe it! I’ve got a pair just like mine to give to you. How cool is that? I know!


You want them don’t you?


Go over to http://www.feetfirstfitness.com and tell me what pair of Ryn Shoes you would love to own besides the ones that you have a chance of winning.


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Thank you to Ryn Shoes for providing the shoes for me to review. They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve stepped into and that is my honest opinion.

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