Where To Buy Your Body Jewelry Cheaply

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Where To Buy Your Body Jewelry Cheaply
photo credit – tristarsz2 Ebay Store

I know most people would consider me to be a book blogger (I have a little rant on that, I have heard some people say lately, without the authors you would have nothing to blog about – no disrespect intended because I love my authors, but I have been blogging for almost 8 years, I would find something to blog about, I always do.), but I personally consider myself to be a lifestyle blog because not only do I blog about books, I blog about family life, things that I think, and my most popular post is the one where I fixed my microdermal piercing after almost tearing it out of my face.  From the looks of it, many of you have done the same thing and were as desperate as I was to fix one of your favorite piercings.

I thought today I would blog about where I get my jewelry.  It is so simple but lots of people don’t think of it, especially when you get your first new shiny sparkling piercing.  Of course you would naturally go to your piercer to get your jewelry for it when you are ready to change it out, right?  I did the same thing myself when I first got my nose ring. Went to my piercer and paid $25 for a ring that I lost a few months later.

all my jewelry here is from Ebay
microdermal head, monroe, nose ring, and my earrings

Not now.

With the way I lose my jewelry, I am not about to pay $20-$25 or more for a nose ring.  I tend to lose them every 3 or 4 months, whether they fall out in bed or disappear while I am sleeping off into the oblivion that is under my bed, more times then not I have lost it down the shower drain while showering.

Where do I get them?


This is how I do it.  I enter the search term for what I am looking for.  In this case I want a bendable nose ring.  I prefer bendable, it is probably why I lose them a lot (I even lose my microdermal heads though and those are screwed on to my face).  I think they are more comfortable than any of the other straight post nose rings.  I do like actual rings though and will trade mine out every once in a while for a tiny hoop.

So, I search for bendable nose ring.  When the results pop up, I refine them further with the options on the right side of the screen (or if you are on mobile, click on refine at the top of the screen).  I choose new (cuz who wants used body jewelry, ew.  gross.), buy it now (because I am impatient), and US only. (If you are out of the US you can choose so many miles from your location.  I just like to have it in the US because if I am ordering body jewelry it is usually because I lost mine and I want it fast.)

This shouild be my actual search.

See that?  There is one there for $2.99.  That one doesn’t have free shipping though.  Shipping is $2.49, making it a little more expensive than the one above it that is $3.69 with free shipping.  I have no problem paying $3.99 for my nose rings.

I always make sure that I am working with stainless steel or sterling silver because I tend to have problems with allergies to metals.  When the jewelry arrives I always wash it in tea tree oil first (my choice, you can use alcohol or peroxide too).  The one time I didn’t do that because I was too excited to get it back in and I wasn’t at home, I grabbed the mail on my way out the door, I thought my nose was going to fall off it hurt so bad from a reaction to whatever. Just color me Rudolph.

It works the same way with other piercing pieces –

my search for microdermal piercing heads

With the microdermal heads I always choose steel, preferably surgical steel.  I keep quite a few of these on hand just because I love to change out my colors and shapes.

This the actual one I am wearing right now:

Photo Credit: TCMExpress Ebay Store

$4.99 for that one on Ebay right now.  Can you imagine what the mark up is on that at your local tattoo/piercing shop?  I don’t begrudge them their way of earning money at all, I have 4 kids to take care of though and I am a cheapskate rather frugal with my funds.

my search for monroe piercings

With the monroes, I tend to do a lot of scrolling for the one I want, I could narrow the search down further and put –plastic –titanium to take out the plastic and titanium ones because again, I prefer steel or sterling silver, especially in my monroe piercing, that one tends to be a bit more sensitive than the others and has reactions to other metals more.

I have bought all of my belly button rings this way back when I had it pierced (3 times, I gave up on trying to have a belly button ring after child number 4).  So many fun styles online that you don’t find at your piercer’s.

I just searched for ear guages and found a bunch of options over there.  I don’t have my ears guaged, so I don’t know how much the jewelry runs at the piercers, but it doesn’t look to bad on Ebay.

I rarely pay over $5 for a piece of jewelry for my piercings, the exception being my microdermal heads.  I think the most I have paid for one of those with shipping was $9, still way cheaper than going to where I was pierced and buying one there.

Added bonus:  Many more styles than I have ever seen at the shop where I get pierced.  There is so much to choose from.

Now, with Ebay you have to work on an appreciation for delayed gratification.  While my orders typically arrive in 2-3 days (from within the US), it still isn’t as fast as walking into your piercer and leaving with a new nose ring.

I was checking on Amazon, because sometimes the prices over there are better are some items than on Ebay, and there are some things that run about the same as the cost on Ebay, BUT you have to watch the shipping cost.  If you are already buying other stuff that knocks you over the $35 for free shipping, throw a ring on, but if you aren’t, I would stick with Ebay and hunt out the listings with free or low shipping.

That is it, that is the key to finding body jewelry that will not break your wallet.  It seems so simple, just use Ebay, but I know my friends don’t think of it, they are in shock when I tell them I paid $3 for the same nose ring they have in when they paid $20 for it.

Hopefully that helps some of you save some cash on your body jewelry, then you can put your savings to more piercings. 😀

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