When You Leave Your Phone Unattended

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Alyce Selfie

Do you ever sit your phone down?  Maybe put it on the charger and walk away?

Alyce Selfie

I didn’t notice all of these pictures because I just back up to google photos and then free up space to delete.  When I went to my google photos to grab some pics for the last blog post, I came across all of these selfies that my 10-year old took.

Alyce Selfie


Both of my girls have gone through this stage where selfies rule.  I shouldn’t use that in the past tense.  They both still love selfies.


Alyce Selfie

I’ve read articles about selfies being good for you,  I’ve also read articles about selfies being something negative.  I think moderation is the key.   Someone I know used to post 50-100 selfies taken in seconds, and eyeball change, maybe the corner of the lip is 10 degrees higher on one side.  It was on all day, everyday thing.  If that is what my daughters were doing I would be more cautious.

If they were posting suggestive pics, that would be the end of the selfies.

As it is, I think it’s harmless.  She was obviously using my Snapchat but saving them to my phone instead of posting them.  I’m ok with that.  And she kind of looks adorable.

Do you ever open up your phone to see something you know you didn’t put there?

Have a wonderful day!

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