When Do They Start To Care About How They Look?

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Gelling It Up

I walked into the bathroom the other day to finish getting ready for a family reunion and there was my 8 year with his hand in the ginormous tub of hair gel my husband buys.  I said what are you doing?  He said, my hair.

I watched him take out a bit of gel, smooth it through a section, grab some more gel, move to another section, what is going on here?

I was kind of proud that this child obviously takes after his father AND me but then I wondered, isn’t it a little young for him to be concerned about his appearance?

I have no idea.

I think back, Jordan has never really cared about how he looked.  T-shirt and (not jeans) pants, maybe a hat, now his hair pulled back, and he was ready to go.

Katiana has just started caring about her hair in the last year or so.  Maybe towards the end of 6th grade it started.  (She’s doing into 8th grade now.)  She was my little tomboy.  (Is that PC anymore?  Probably not.)  She didn’t care for dresses, wouldn’t let me do her hair, it just wasn’t her style.  I was a little shocked the first time she got out my curling iron to curl her hair.  Now I have to go looking for my curling and straightening irons cuz she usually has them.  She also has taken a liking to eye shadow.  Though she is completely opposite of me.  I like bold bright colors (red is my favorite color of eye shadow), she likes neutrals that blend in and aren’t very noticeable (which I guess is good considering she is 13).

Alyce has always been a girly girl, but she has always come to me to do her hair until recently.  She can braid and put it up in a ponytail, but she still prefers for me to put it in a bun for dance.

Now here we have my 8-year-old, my little (figuratively because he stands up to my shoulders already) man, putting gel in his hair on his own before we go somewhere.

I’m not ready for my baby to be doing his hair.

I’m not ready for him to grow up yet.

Have a wonderful day.

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