What’s up with celebrity spokespeople?

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Every time I turn around there’s a new spokesperson for weight loss products.  The latest one I saw was Winona Judd and Alli.  What exactly does Alli do?  Does anyone know?  I’ve heard good and mixed reviews about it.  I see it at our grocery store pharmacy all the time.  Is it a pill?  Is it a program?  How does it work.  Pregnant inquiring minds who need to lose weight want to know.

Speaking of pharmacies, did you know that some charge $2.99 to flavor medicine for kids?  I found that out when Alyce was spitting her augmentin and Tylenol w/codeine out all over me.  They asked what I wanted it flavored, I said, like amoxicillan?  They laughed and said, bubble gum?  I said, ok.  Didn’t help.  She still spit it all over me.  She wouldn’t even take tylenol which she normally will take happily.

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  • Dani B

    My son takes the Lorenzo’s oil, which is just like eating vegetable oil…YUCK! I have to buy the FlavoriT online since the pharmacies won’t touch the oil with a 10-foot pole. I’ve had to figure out many methods to get him to take it. He’s 2 and has to take 11 ml twice a day. I’ve often used gummies as a treat if he takes the oil, but most often I give him a choice and that seems to help. I let him choose who is going to give it to him…like dad, mom or his big sister. Having a choice, ANY choice, seems to make a big difference. If I try to force it, he often throws it back up. He has a sensitive gag reflex and often can’t control it so I really can’t fight with him. Sometimes I just give up and try again an hour later. good luck!