What Is The Smell Of Your Childhood?

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estee by estee lauder

When I think of smells that remind me of my childhood, I always think of Estée by Estée Lauder.  It is the scent my grandma wore and I wore it a lot after she passed away.  I have her train case that she used to keep her make up in and in it way back then was a small bottle of Estée.  I wore it until it was gone and then bought some of my own.  There are still times when I can smell that perfume where it shouldn’t be.  I will be riding in my car and all of a sudden my car fills with the scent of her perfume.  I love those moments.

For the last two days another scent has triggered memories of my childhood.

lilac bushes

Every time I step outside of the school doors to go to lunch I am almost overwhelmed by the beautiful smell of these lilac bushes out front.  It takes me back to playing in my backyard with my brothers when I was kid.  We had lilac bushes that lined the driveway and were around the house.  It smelled so good then and the smell as I am outside the school just takes me back to hot summer days outside.

I’m sitting here wondering what smells will remind my children of their childhood.  Will it be one of my perfumes?  Essential oils that I diffuse around the house?  Wax melts?  (I must give a shout out to Cooper and Kraft Candle and The Shabby Witch on Etsy, two of my favorite wax melt/candle makers in the world.)  Maybe it will be something I cook?  Who knows.  I just hope it fills them with the same happy memories my grandma’s perfume and lilac bushes fill me with.

What are the smells that take you back to your childhood?

Have a great day!

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