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kids tango
Alyce and Nano doing the tango at soccer practice last night.

How are you all this Friday?  I’m running even later than usual, but it’s all good.  I’d blame my hives but in actuality, I’ve been reading and running Alyce to dance and then had to make supper.  Why do kids expect to be fed THREE whole times a day?  And if you don’t, they get upset. :D  Just kidding.  I willingly feed them.

Jordan and me
Jordan and I in the office the other day.  At the time I wasn’t sure which of us was in trouble. 🙂

In the picture above, Jordan had texted me and told me he was in the office AGAIN. I said I am on my way.  Somebody, and I was able to prove it most likely wasn’t Jordan, drew a smiley face in black sharpie on the computer he was at in the drafting room. Unfortunately he was up with the teacher at the end of class asking a question and by the time he went back, his monitor had shut off, the bell had rang, and he didn’t bother to turn it back on and didn’t see the smiley face. My thoughts are to check the kid who got in trouble cheating off of Jordan’s work. I had to help Jordan prove the work was stolen in the incident too which was stupid because jordan had turned his in days before the kid used Jordan’s flash drive and grabbed his assignment just changing the name. Why did he have Jordan’s flash drive? Because jordan saw this kid’s flash drive fail day after day and told the kid just to save it to Jordan’s. I gave Jordan an extra flash drive that I had to give to the kid cuz I’m awesome like that.

I proved Jordan most likely didn’t do it because I went and got his binder, I half expected a black sharpie to fall out of it but all he had was a black crayola marker with the tip completely obliterated. I drew the same smiley face and it had 3 lines for the mouth cuz of the tip being smashed. I handed it to the principal (who is lovely BTW) and said did you want to try too? She said no. I see it’s not the same.

Thank you very much.

When Jordan is wrong, I’ll be the first one there to hold him accountable, when he isn’t, I would be his loudest supporter.  He’s not going down for something he didn’t do.

The rest of this weekend will be filled with soccer, more soccer, a little more soccer, and then hopefully nothing else.

On to what I’m reading.

Right now I am completely engrossed in this one and almost done.

Spirited Away Cover

What It's About

Who knew pet-sitting could be so dangerous…or so sexy?!
Socially awkward Emma “Spider” Fisher prefers her laptop to people, so she’s more than happy to oblige her boss when he asks her to pet- and housesit while he honeymoons in London.
But it doesn’t take long for accident-prone Spider to lose a dog, get locked out of the house, and set off the house alarm!
Thankfully, her hot new neighbor is more than happy to come to her rescue. But Noah West is a mystery to Spider—and one she intends to solve.

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Angela Campbell

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(Changing this up a bit on Saturday because I ended up not needing to read Stay With Me.)

and then next I need to read this one and I am dying to jump ahead to it (the other books are amazing, but I’ve been waiting for this sequel!


What It's About

An infamous love, destined nevermore,
For death could not claim, the enchanting Lenore.
Cursed by the malevolent spirit of the Headless Horseman, Ireland Crane ventures to Manhattan in search of a way to break her soul crushing bond. Instead, she discovers the lines between fact and fiction are blurring once more. Croaking ravens. Telltale hearts. Could the works of Poe be coming to pass with handsome Wall Street Midas Ridley Peolte as their unwilling target?
She walks the Earth, a plague on mankind,
searching for he, her rotted heart doth pine.
Together, the two unknowingly release a dark force death itself could not tame. Surrounded by the unrelenting violence and mayhem they’ve unleashed, Ireland feels her control over the Horseman slipping. Before the beast within consumes her, she and her crew must follow the clues of the dead to right a centuries’ old wrong. Will it be enough to sate the Horseman’s appetite?
Hell hath no fury like a ghoul scorned.

Preorder Raven for 99 cents!

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Stacey Rourke

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Then I will start this one for next week:

Deconstructing Lila

What It's About

Deconstructing Lila by Shannon Leigh
Preservationist Lila Gentry returns to her small Texas hometown to restore the famous Chisholm Trail whorehouse where her great-great-grandmother was a madam in the 1880s. On her agenda is winning back Jake, the one that got away. But how do you rope a man who doesn’t want to be wrangled?
Jake lives by one creed:  Keep it simple. His ex showing up in town complicates his life and makes him think about things he’d rather forget.
When Lila’s restoration project is threatened before it even begins, she turns to Jake for help. Working together stirs up old feelings, but while Lila and Jake always sizzle between the sheets—or wherever the moment takes them—it will involve some sweet-talking and finesse to bring these two together.

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Shannon Leigh



That’s all I am going to schedule for myself.  I have on my calendar to read books for 9/30 because I obviously overscheduled myself that day…again.  We’ll see how it goes.

What are you reading right now?

Books I bought this week, I’m hoping most of these are still 99 cents:

Striving For Normal cover Hot Blooded Cover Six of hearts

Striving For Normal – 99 cents|Hot-Blooded – 99 cents|Six Of Hearts – 99 cents

Playing For Passion Cover Out Of Reach The Loving Husband Trilogy Cover

Playing For Passion – 99 cents|Out Of Reach – 99 cents
The Loving Husband Trilogy – 99 cents

Irrevocable Cover

Irrevocable – $3.99

If you want to grab the free books I find, follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook.  Those can go by really fast so I don’t make blog posts for it, especially when it’s one on my wish list marked down.

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Heather has completed her goal of reading 200 books in 2014!

That’s it from me!  I am going to pass out from this medicine again.  Good times.
Have a wonderful night!

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