What I’m Reading This Weekend (5) #FridayReads

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I almost forgot.  I think I’m off a day cuz of the 4th and not blogging yesterday.  Here we go, what’s on my list this weekend.  I actually have quite a few books I NEED to get through because the authors are releasing soon. 

Let’s get it going:

The Siren’s Tale (Home Schooling)

Zaddie, a siren in human form, is writing a siren saga based on her family. The second book features the notorious temptress Cassandra, a silent movie actress. Back in the days of the Old West, Cassandra was hexed with a deadly family curse and forced to flee Wyoming. With her paranormal powers, Cassandra lured a man away from a village girl on their wedding day, thus attracting the animosity of dark spirits. The curse continues into modern times and endangers the lives of her descendants and their lovers. Cassandra’s ghost appears at a siren reunion to "home school" pregnant Marlena about her siren lineage and to save her life. Will Cassandra’s demonic grandson trip up Marlena and her daughter Zaddie, who are striving to lead exemplary lives among human kind? The third book will tell.

I LOVE all mythological beings: Sirens, Fae, Leprechauns, Merpeople, Succubus, Incubus, etc etc etc.  When I saw this book, I had to jump on it.  Cannot wait to dig in!

Connect with Anne Carlisle
Goodreads|Amazon Author Page

The Billionaire’s Ultimatum: His Absolute Need

And then he asked me, "I know this is sudden, but would you consider becoming an egg donor for me and my wife? I’ll need to discuss it with her first, but I believe she’ll accept the idea. You’ll need to carry the child, too, but I’ll make certain you’re comfortable. I can arrange for you to have suitable living quarters in my home for the duration of your pregnancy."
"There’s no need to donate," I blurted out. "We can just have sex…" I realized what I’d said before I finished, and the words hung there, awkward.
He stared at me for a brief moment, stared into me, and then he laughed again. Moving his hands away from my hips, he stepped away and walked to his office door.
"I…" I said, trying to think of something to say. Something witty, or sexy, or funny, or intelligent, but I couldn’t manage any of those.
"Are you busy tomorrow?" he asked. "Let’s arrange a lunch date. I’ll let you know what Beatrice thinks, and you can let me know if you’ll agree, too. Consider your answer ample repayment for the book, whether you agree or not. Those are my conditions. I won’t accept anything else."
And, he left.

Connect with Cerys Du Lys
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Yes, I want to get both of those done for Nadia because Found is coming out and I need to do Lost first and boy am I going to busy this weekend!

Lost Description

Maria’s life was torn apart when she was fifteen, and for seven years she’s kept her terrible secret hidden from the world.  Now, in her final semester of college, she still struggles against paralyzing fear just trying to speak up in class, and the terror and helplessness linger on in her nightmares.
Across campus, Owen sees his scars in the mirror every morning while he gets ready for class. They remind him of the broken home he left behind, the father he hates and fears, and the little sister he couldn’t protect. Now, in his final semester of college, he’s scared that he may have to return to the hell he called home after staying away for almost five years.
When Owen becomes a teaching assistant for one of Maria’s classes, they find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other. As the two learn each other’s secrets and grow closer, they realize that although they may be lost, they’re not alone anymore.
This new adult contemporary romance is recommended for ages 17+ due to heavy subject matter.

Found Description

All it took was one phone call to tear Owen’s life apart. His father is dead and his mother is in critical condition. Even though he feared his abusive father and despised his family, losing them hurts in a way he never expected. Just weeks ago, Owen was terrified that he’d have to go home. Now, there is no home.
All it took was one phone call to shatter Maria’s happily-ever-after and bring her nightmares back to life. Maria’s estranged brother is coming up to see her graduation and he isn’t coming alone. He’s bringing Maria’s parents, as she expected, but he’s also bringing along an old friend from college—someone who’s haunted Maria’s nightmares for seven years. Now, she’s about to come face to face with the man who ruined her life.
Will the love and happiness Maria and Owen found be enough to hold them together as their lives fall apart around them, or will their relationship slip away and be lost forever?
Found is the exciting conclusion to the Lost & Found series. This new adult contemporary romance is recommended for audiences 17+ due to dark themes and heavy content. 73,500 words (approximately 290 print pages).

It is a good thing I can’t read slow even when I try. I’ve been really excited about Found coming out.  I’m on Nadia’s mailing list because of a giveaway and after reading her newsletters about Found, I knew I needed to read this series.  I was so happy when she said I could review both!


Connect with Nadia Simonenko
Goodreads|Amazon Author Page


I know.  Repeat from last week.  I’m sorry Tina!  I had some reviews come up at that had to be read because of release dates and only got into this a few wonderfully good pages. So, this is back on my list and will probably take me into Monday, all things working out the way I want them to.

When demons break ancient bonds, a love-match between a valiant archangel and a selfless nurse bring humanity’s last hope—but contagion from the demons threaten their newly developed bond.
Kematians escape the guard of the watchful archangels and flee into the world to feed on humanity. With powerful regeneration abilities, the demons turn the tide against the valiant archangels, taking a toll on their numbers. Will Calla Stevens, a nurse with miraculous healing abilities, be able to save Gabriel when he’s on the cusp of death?

Connect with Tina Pollick
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What’s on your TBR list?  Link me up to your posts, videos, etc.  I’d love to see!

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