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Y’all thought I forgot about Friday reads after last week, didn’t you?

I didn’t.  I was actually sitting down getting ready to write it up when my mom called to tell me my aunt had died.  I had no desire to blog after that.  I just wanted to find a way to Alabama. I got home on Wednesday, let myself have a break yesterday, and am ready to get back to work today.

Now, I can’t find my notebook with my list of books to review, it was in my bag that I took with me. I know it made it home but my husband emptied the rest of the bag and I have no clue where he put it, so today, we’re going with books I want to read (not that I don’t want to read my review books, I do).

Damaged 2

This released on Monday while I was out of town.  I have been DYING for it to come out.  First on my Friday Reads list.

Home isn’t supposed to be dangerous, but for Sidney it is. Returning home means that she has to face her past. It’s not just the man who hurt Sidney that makes it horrible, but the family that didn’t believe her. They were dead to her, but now that her mom is really dying things seem different. It’s a chance to set things right.
What Sidney doesn’t realize is that she’s dragging Peter into a collision course with his past. Peter must deal with the demons haunting him if he wants to move forward with Sidney. He’s willing to give up everything for her, even wade deeper into his past life to help her move forward. But, Peter isn’t sure if he can get over what happened to him in New York.

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Welcome To The Family

I won a gift certificate to Moon Rose Publishing last Friday during Fun FB Friday (speaking of which, it’s Friday, go have fun). I have sort of been introduced to Caroline F. Levy through that group.  I saw her book, ran over to Amazon to check how many stars it had (yes, I am anal retentive and it has 4 1/2 stars) and used my GC for Welcome To The Family.

“Do you believe in things that go bump in the night?”
At only a few hours old, Angela is left on the steps of St Paul’s church. Alone in the world, the only link she has to her past is a pink blanket bearing an emblem with two crossed swords and a snake.
A troubled childhood spent in orphanages leads to Angela attempting to rebuild her shattered life as an adult. Meeting the priest who found her eighteen years previously, she gets a job and a boyfriend, and settles into her new life.
Until she meets Jack.
Drawn to her new boss, she throws herself into work, feeling an unusual bond with people she hasn’t known very long.
Angela becomes embroiled in this new life, feeling a change within herself. A change which isn’t altogether human. Within this change she finds a terrifying secret…a secret which involves her past, her present, and definitely her future…

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Another Fun FB Friday win from the Friday before last from one of my new favorite author’s Tina Pollick was Gabrielle.  If you haven’t read Shadow of Hope yet, you should.  My review is here.

When demons break ancient bonds, a love-match between a valiant archangel and a selfless nurse bring humanity’s last hope—but contagion from the demons threaten their newly developed bond.
Kematians escape the guard of the watchful archangels and flee into the world to feed on humanity. With powerful regeneration abilities, the demons turn the tide against the valiant archangels, taking a toll on their numbers. Will Calla Stevens, a nurse with miraculous healing abilities, be able to save Gabriel when he’s on the cusp of death?

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I am not sure how busy my weekend is this weekend so I’m not going to push it past 3 this time.  What is on your TBR list?  Link me up to your Friday Reads post and videos. 🙂

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