What Do You Do When Someone Poops In The Pool?

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My sister and I have rearranged plans to go swimming mucho times this week.  We have been planning this for a week and then things would come up and finally Friday we said this is it.  We need some sister time, the kids want some cousin time.  We are going swimming today.   As I walked out of my apartment with all of our swimming fun my neighbor said, “Are you going to the pool?”  “Yes.”  “It’s closed.”


My sister just happened to drive by at that point.  I decided to load my kids in the car and run down to the office since I had a package to pick up anyway (that’s a whole other post, I am addicted to Etsy).  Katiana ran in and they said that yep, the pool was closed.  Someone had an accident.

People, put swim diapers on your kids.  Don’t let poop in the pool ruin everyone else’s fun.  Please.

I realize extenuating circumstances happen, sometimes things float out of the swim diaper.  If that’s the case, don’t bring your kids to the pool if they have the runs.

Four kids here, not one has ever pooped in the pool.  I have had to changed swim diapers, but not once have I had one of my kids release a brown bomb into everyone’s choice of water to emerge in.


We were not about to let that ruin our day.  We conferenced in the parking lot and decided that we were heading to the beach.

I know I am land bound, but we actually have quite a few beaches here in Iowa, granted they are off of brown rivers and not the blue ocean, but they suffice for cooling off on a hot summer day.  We headed out to the Raccoon River Park.


I personally stayed out of the water for the most part, except to wade in ankle deep to take pictures.  River water skeeves me out.  I can imagine a time when Iowa waterways were clean, where you could see through it.

Now, not so much.

I don’t like the feeling it leaves on my skin when I get out.  It grosses me out.  I prefer the pool so much more.  The pool, the ocean, anything that gives the illusion that it is clean.

My kids, however, loved it.


There’s something about hanging with your cousins that stays with you for life.  I’m 42 and there is still nobody I’d rather hang out with them my siblings, my sister in law, and my cousins (and aunts and uncles).


Though it was only an hour and a half because lives get busy, I hope it’s a day that the kids will look back on with fondness.


I even did my sister’s hair for the first time since she was probably 11.  😀  I’m 11 years older than her and I used to love using her as my own living doll.  I haven’t had a chance to do that for awhile. 😀


Then when I got home….


SPF 50.  I swear.   I’ve noticed as an over forty-something-year-old woman that I am no longer worried about the pain that causes.  Instead, I am freaking out over another biopsy testing for skin cancer.  I am religious about sunscreen.  I think I missed a spot.

Have a wonderful day!

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