What Did I Do To My Hair?

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cut your own hair

Yesterday I woke up frustrated with my hair.  If you follow my blog you know that I bleached it almost white and then wore fun rainbow colors for about a year.  You also know what happens when you bleach dark dark hair to an almost white color period, let alone for an extended time.  My hair just felt dead on the ends and the bottom part wasn’t holding color as I attempted to go back to the red I love so much.  It would last a couple of showers and then I was back to red on top and some funky faded out color on the bottom.

This is what it looked like before yesterday –

my hair

I decided if I really wanted to grow it out, I needed to start fresh with no bleach on any of my hair.  That meant it was time to chop it off.  Did I go to my stylist, who I love?  No.  Because that would mean she would find out that I bleached my hair on my own for a long time.  I didn’t want a lecture.  😀  (For the record, I have been doing my own hair since I was 11.  I rarely go to the stylist unless it’s for a cut that I don’t feel comfortable doing on my own.  I give her gray hair.)

I watched some YouTube videos to see if I thought I could handle cutting off all of my hair.  This one was the most helpful.

Then I sent a couple of pictures of my face to my sister and sister in law, trying to figure out which style works best for me.  We still haven’t come to a consensus.  My sister said diamond, my sister in law said long, and my mom chimed in later and said heart.

I went in the bathroom, got out all of my hair cutting tools, and started to section off my hair.  I ended up just cutting off the length all at once and then going back in with a guide line (starting at the bottom, which seemed to work best for in the video).  I absolutely love how it came out.

cut my own hair

cut my own hair

cut my own hair

I got so many compliments everywhere I went (where I knew people).  Of course me, with my big mouth: OMG Heather, I love your hair!  So cute!  Thanks, I did it myself.  WHAAAAAT? 😀

The only people who didn’t like it are a couple of my kids and my husband who never responded to a picture I sent him yesterday or said anything when he got home last night.  Oops.

I’ve got to say, there was a surprisingly good thing that came along with my hair cut.  If you follow my blog you know that I have chronic urticaria.  Sometimes hives are caused by one of my many food allergies, other times I can’t find a reason for them.  For the two days before I cut my hair there were lumps all over my head.  Big lumps.  Huge hives.  After I cut my hair they went away finally.  I wonder if the heat that was trapped against my scalp because of how thick my hair was  was making the hives worse?  Just a theory.  I have no idea why I had them for a couple of days, including on the morning I woke up and decided to cut my hair, and then they were gone.  I’m just grateful that they are gone for now.

Now operation grow my hair back out can commence with fresh hair.  (If you consider fresh hair to still be colored, I do because it’s not dead from bleach.)

Are you ready for a summer cut?

Have a wonderful day!

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