What a Weekend

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It’s been a long weekend.  It started out good yesterday.  Jordan was happy he got to go to his dad’s.  The other 2 were acting like they felt better.  We went out looking at houses, hoping to get one when the school year is over for the kids.  Then we went over to Turtle Hut, bought 4 bags of clothes for Nano.  After that we headed to our favorite Chinese restaurant where Pato taped this –

He so is not right.  He says “tiene que aprender” when it comes to hot sauce and limes.  I mean, his dad did it to him, and all.  I’m ok with the limes as long as the kids are reaching for them (as you’ll see Christiano doing at the end of the video) but I draw the line at giving my babies hot sauce.  Doesn’t happen.  That’s just mean. 

We got home and Alyce and Nano started acting sick again.  Coughing and hacking and Nano started up with the gross diapers again.  6 from 3 o’clock on.  I don’t know if you can see the rash on his face in the video, it’s right above his lip. 

I ended up calling the on call nurse just to see if there was anything serious tied between their symptoms and the rash.  No, but they should be seen first thing in the morning.

Off we went this morning to the walk in where we waited and waited and waited.  When we got back there, it was our normal doctor working it today. That was kind of nice.  I felt the need to explain why Christiano’s face looked like he had been through a war zone.  He has a nice bruise on his cheek from head butting me the other day. In the waiting room, he was holding on to the kiddie table, kinda bouncing, hit his face, split his lip open, bled all over the place.  Then, he was insisting on pushing the kid chairs like they were cars.  I’d put them back, he’d grab the next one, I’d put it back, he’d grab the first one.  He fell.  Smacked his forehead on the chair.  Had a nice big red spot there.  THEN in the actual exam room, he is going after the rolly chair, I grabbed him to stop him.  He threw himself backwards, which was great, he was in my lap, and only broke one of my ribs, nothing on him. Ok, that might be an exaggeration, my rib didn’t break.  Then he threw himself forward and even though I had him around the waist, he had enough momentum to smack his head into the cupboard.  Yep, another big red spot on the top in the front.  I swear, Dr, my son is just a clutz.  On the diagnosis, Alyce has an ear infection.  I have to take stool samples from Nano.  Antibiotics for Alyce.  Nothing for Christiano.  I can say, the thought of taking stool samples from my 11 month old is much more pleasant than having to take them from my 10 year old a few months back.  That was just disgusting.

Then we head to Hy-Vee, where I might add, there were no helpful smiles in every aisle.  More like crowds of cranky people trying to outrun this new snowstorm that has been forecasted and get home in time for the superbowl.  Seriously people, it’s not like the superbowl nor the snow storm just snuck up on you at the last minute.  You know you need frozen pizza, chips, and beer before hand obviously to make it through both.  Was there really a need to jam pack the store to the point where I have to apologize every other step? You couldn’t hardly maneuver your cart.

I gave the pharmacy plenty of time to get Alyce’s medicine ready.  I got stuff for lunch and various things that we didn’t need (activity books for the kids, the CUTEST duck animal/lovey/blanket thing for Christian), and diet Mt Dew, which of course is a necessity).

Checking out sucked.  Bad.  Bad.  Bad.  I got in line.  It was like Christmas at Wal-Mart.  The shortest lane was stretched half-way down the coffee aisle.  We waited, and waited, and waited.  Slow.  I looked at the express and down into my cart hopefully.  Counted my items.  17.  Crud, you can only have 12.  But the express is moving quickly.  Jordan’s dad had dropped him off with me at Hy-Vee because he was worried the roads would get bad if he waited much longer.  I handed Jordan 5 items and enough cash to pay for it.  He went to one side of the express, I went to the other.  We got through that line and checked out before 2 people were all the way through in the aisle I had been in.  Sneaky, that’s me.  Of course, my son grabbed himself some gum with the “extra money”.  Extra?  No honey, there wasn’t extra money.  That was money that goes back in my wallet for next time I need it.  You might have thought to ask before you did it, since I just bought you a box of Pokemon cards.  Oh well.  Like I’m going to return a pack of gum.  I’m so over standing in line.

Go over to the pharmacy to get Alyce’s medicine.  It’s probably been 40 minutes – an hour minimum since I left the doctor.  I ask them if it’s ready after waiting in line there for another 10 minutes, rocking the cart, rocking the cart, if I stop moving, Christiano would throw himself backwards, Alyce would start whining, it was horrible.  They look in the section of medicine that’s ready…..nope.  They look in the back section where the printed out ones are…..nope, not in there.  She goes to the computer…..type type type.  Over to the pharmacist, I hear them talking.  She comes to me and says it’s in their F9, whatever the hell that means.  It’s not ready yet.  Won’t be for another 30 minutes.  I think I might have morphed into a raging lunatic for a second, but I regained my composure slightly and said in as nice of a voice as I could muster, that’s fine.  I guess my husband can pick it up after work. 

I turned and couldn’t help myself.  With the 3 people behind the counter, and probably 7 people behind me in line, I believe this came out – Alyce, I’m sorry you have to suffer longer because people are so stinking incompetent

I’m not normally like that, but it has been a long week with being puked on, pooped on, spit on, snot on, you name a bodily fluid, I’ve had it on me……multiple times.  Not to mention, a certain baby who is miserable and doesn’t want to be put down.  I couldn’t help it.  I snapped a tad.  Just a little.  I didn’t go full on postal.  I probably should have apologized.  But, I didn’t. 

Came home, fed the kids lunch, took a nap with Alyce and Christiano since I was up until 4 with them hacking their lungs out, then back up at 7:30 with them hacking their lungs out.  I think I spotted a couple of them on my carpet while cleaning up the living room earlier.

Pato said he’s coming home early so he can get Alyce’s medicine and get us restocked on infant tylenol, baby ibuprofin, children’s tylenol, children’s ibuprofin, you know, all the necessities for children under 6 who can’t take anything flippin’ decent when they are sick.  I hate the FDA right now.  I know one of our doctors told me I could give Alyce children’s tylenol cough, but I feel guilty about that because I know I’m not technically supposed to.  Mommy guilt.  Nothing worse than that.

So, Heather is now at the people should just stay out of her way stage.  Yep, talking in the third person, never a good sign.  🙂

I’m not even in the mood to find a good celebrity tweet right now.  Just feeling blah.

Here’s to a better week.

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  • Kari~RDG

    awww hunny. i hope everyone feels better soon & you can go a little while w/o any bodily fluids on you. lurv ya
    .-= Kari~RDG´s last blog ..more LOs =-.