Weebles Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down

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weeble wobbles

A couple of weeks ago I talked about taking my wobble mat to school for sciatic nerve pain.  Anytime I say wobble mat I start singing Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.  Sing it with me.

I remember absolutely loving weebles as a kid.  After this student asked me what that was from, I was on a mission.  I wanted weebles to add to the collection of little things I keep in my backpack for when I’m subbing.  I’ve got some Bakugan in there and tons of fun pencils, more colored pencils then I could ever use, Russian nesting dolls, just stuff I can take out and entertain a student with or break the ice when someone isn’t comfortable with having a substitute.

I remember when my kids were little, they all had weebles, but they weren’t like the originals.  They were more characters with rounded bottoms.  Then I got on Ebay and found new styles of the originals! (Those are the ones you see in the picture above.)

I showed them to my student and it turns out I like the Weebles more than he does.  It’s like I’m 4 years old seeing who will win the race and stay wobbling longest.

It reminds me of all of the vintage stuff I have bought my kids thinking that they would fall in love with the same things I did.  They end up being entertained for 5 minutes (curse you electronics) while I sit there reminiscing about all the fun I had with my tender love doll or about how many times I read Little House In The Big Woods. (That was my favorite childhood book.  I probably read it 50 times at least.)

Do you ever do that?  Buy toys from your childhood that were your absolute favorites and find that your kids have no interest in them?

I can remember two other toys that were my favorites, besides my Barbies.  The Viewmaster and the Tupperware shape sorter.   The shape sorter amused me far longer than it should have. 🙂 And the Viewmaster, I remember going to my grandparents and they had this box of toys they’d pull out.  I’d always head straight for the Viewmaster and the reels, even though I’d seen each of them 100 times.  I loved that toy.

Have a wonderful day!

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  • Karen Lester Bullion

    I love this post! I remember those toys so well and yes my girls did not enjoy them like I did. I had very little use for dolls but thought that Barbie was great. Not my girls–both preferred dolls all the way. Little House on the Prairie series was one of my best presents ever. Even take a trip down that memory lane after all these years My girls did not think those books were all that great either. So thank you for letting me know I am not alone in my loves that did not transfer to my girls.