Waiting On The Doctor

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I called this morning to see if he wants to see Christiano or if he just wants me to watch him.  I’ve learned to call before I come. 90% of the time I get, it’s a virus.  Just watch him.  So now I call and give the symptoms first unless my mommy radar is going nuts, then I go straight in.  He threw up again yesterday morning, once last night, and has had some nasty diapers.  The one this morning was fun to change.  Out the top, up to his neck and out the leg holes, down to his knees.  My house still smells.  Not that you want details about it, but it’s my blog and I’ll gross ya’all out if I want to. :)

He’s still nursing good though not eating food much.  He threw a complete and total toddler tantrum and tried crawling all over her when he saw wanted Alyce’s cheese stick this morning so we got him one out and he’s eaten about half of it so far.  Let’s see if he keeps that down. 

Poor child has had so many showers in the last few days he is going to prune up permanently.  But, when you are leaking the stuff he is all over himself, you have to get clean again.

Alyce got up this morning barking like a seal.  (cough)  When I asked Nano if he was a sick baby, Alyce looked at me with this pitiful expression and said, I’m a sick girl.  Yes baby, you are. 

It’s not unusual for my kids to be sick at the same time, but it is unusual for them to have completely different things like this.  Usually they pass the same thing back and forth, back and forth, until everyone in the house has had the joy of partaking in the virus and the germs. 

So far Kat and Jordan seem to be healthy.  *knock on the proverbial wood*

Pato and I just started talking about the rash on his face too.  He has a few spots that look like little pimples.  I looked up hand, foot, and mouth disease and it doesn’t look like he has those symptoms.  He’s had the little rash for a few days, but they haven’t developed into anything else.

I need to get my dishes done.  Christiano was so cranky I didn’t get them done last night and they are stacked up.  Not cool.  As soon as he lets me put him down again, I’ve got to get on that.  I think I’ll wait until he takes a nap because when I do dishes, he likes to help by taking everything off the bottom shelf.  Such a good helper


That’s not right.  I mean, it might be right, but that’s not right.  Ricky is just a fountain of information.

Have a great day! Send some healing thoughts our way. 

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  • Annie

    Hope he feel better.

    Following you from Friday Follow.

  • Margaret

    Sending healing thoughts and prayers!! Hmmm… Have your kids been hanging around mine!! We just had the same thing(s) go through my house, my daughter is hacking away and son is throwing up and “mad tired”.
    .-= MargaretĀ“s last blog ..For my friends in DC/MD Area for Black History Month =-.

  • https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?service=blogger&hl=en&passive=86400&continue=http://www.blogger.com/blogin.g?blogspotURL%3Dhttp://flyinggigglesandlollipops.blogspot.com/%26zx%3Dvd Michelle

    Hang in there. I hope they feel better soon and hopefully Kat and Jordan stay clear of it all. I know it is tough times in your household, but soon they will all be healthy again!
    .-= MichelleĀ“s last blog ..Fiber One Yogurt Review, Safeway $50 Gift Card Giveaway =-.