VicTsing® Essential Oil Diffuser Review

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VicTsing® Essential Oil Diffuser on Amazon


  • VicTsing Brand Certificate (Registration No. 4426670): Top-Rated Consumer Electronics Accessories Brand for Daliy Life
  • Whisper Quiet Technology. This aromatherapy humidifier adopted ultrasonic technology, which is quiet and will not disturb your work. It releases tiny water particles and ionizes essential oils into the air to humidify your space to prevent dry, especially for air-conditioning room and winter months.
  • 7 Changing Mood Light. 7 different colors for your choice, each of them is adjustable between bright and dim modes or you can set on one steady color or turn the light off. Pick up your favorite color and enjoy visual pleasure.
  • Four Working Modes. This ultrasonic oil diffuser supports continuous mist, 3-hour pattern, light only and mist only modes. With 100ml water tank capacity, press mist button once and light turns green which means it will automatic shutdown after 3 hours. Double press mist button and the indicator light turns red which means it is in continuous mode that allows 4-5 hours mist time.
  • Safety System. Shut-off automatically when the water runs out of. No special water needed which is convenient to use. No requirement for heat so it will remain essential oil holistic properties to diffuse natural fragrance.



If you knew me, you would know I am a huge essential oil fan (I diffuse Eden’s Garden, which you can grab here on Amazon.  My oil I go through the most is the [[ASIN:B002RXML8M Sweet Orange 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil- 30 ml]]).  It works great in this diffuser.

That being said, I have been sitting on this review for a few days trying to decide if I like this diffuser better than my original diffuser or not.  It’s a hard decision.

In the picture, the one that is going is the one I am reviewing, the other one, on the right, is my old much loved diffuser.

I love the style of this one.  It’s a little more funky and takes up a bit more space.  The thing I am not 100% sure of is if it fills the room with the scent as much as my older one did.  My older one could be going in my office and I would smell it in the front room when I walked in the house or out of another room.  This one I can’t really smell in another room, it does fill my office up with the scent though.

The other feature I miss from my old one is there were 3 (or 4, it’s not next to me while I write this review) timed settings.  This one has 2, 3 hours and until the water runs out.  This one has the same color options as my old one.  I don’t use that as often because if I’m in my office, I have the light on while I’m working.  The kids will turn it on if they come into the room.

It holds the same 100 ml that my first diffuser held.  I think it does go a bit longer, which might be why I am not getting the same amount of scent sent out.  It’s not diffusing as large of a quantity at once to make it last longer.  If I hadn’t had my old diffuser to compare this to, I would give it 5 stars.  It does work great and is pretty to look at.  Because I have had the experience of my other diffuser in the same price range, this one gets 4 from me.  I would rather add water a little more often and have the scent fill 3 rooms then have it only fill one. 

I have to say my girls stole my other diffuser the other day to run in their rooms because their diffuser broke (different brand).  I don’t think I’m getting it back any time soon.  I’ll be happy with this one.  It does work really well, I just think I liked the timer feature and the amount that diffused with my other one a bit better.

I received this at a discounted price for my honest review.


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