URPOWER® iPhone 6 Plus Bike Case And Mount

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URPOWER® Iphone 6+ Bike Case and Mount


  • Bike Handlebar Mount-Easier fix phone on a bike handlebar or stem of any size.
  • Fashion design,High-quality, brand-new, multi-functional, all-protective case available for iPhone.Easy to put on and easy to take off.Shockproof dustproof face waterproof and dust resistant acoustic port protection
  • Full access to your iPhone touch screen, all buttons, sounds controls. takes phone. can hear clear when you call somebody. Note: no headphone port. It’s safer to use bluetooth if you want to listen to music on a bike.
  • Mounts in seconds to handlebars & stems in vertical & horizontal positions; employs in-bracket safety lock to guard against road shocks & vibrations
  • Great for mounting to bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, golf bags, strollers and more! In-bracket safety lock tested to withstand road shock and vibrations on bumpy trails and at high speeds.

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I got this the other day and have really enjoyed it.
My biggest complaint while riding my bike (first world problem ahead) is not having a place to put my cell phone. I hate not having it on me all the time (more for the security of my kids being able to contact me in an emergency than for anything else). I told my husband I was about ready to buy myself a basket for my bike to put it in right before I saw this bike mount.

My first thoughts when I opened the bike were wow that’s huge. (The case) Granted, the iphone 6 plus is not a small phone but this just looks big compared to my wallet case, all the better to protect my phone with. I thought about using this case as my daily case because it does appear to be so protective, but the plastic over the screen makes my phone a bit less responsive. I’m going to use my wallet case unless I’m riding.
I had my husband attach this to my bike because he has more hand strength than I do, I wanted this to be screwed on tight, no risking my phone. He attached it in no time at all, tightened the screw that holds the phone in place and off I went. I took the route that had the most speed bumps to see if it would jostle this at all and it didn’t, it stayed firmly in place. I could see my navigation on my phone when the sun wasn’t shining right on it. It felt secure.

I read one of the other reviews about using the velcro strap just in case and I think I will start doing that. Double the protection is always nice when we are talking about an electronic whose screen will shatter easily (my son dropped his on our laminated wood floor and his shattered, so much for the shatter tests I’ve seen).

All in all great product and I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn’t for the touch screen not being as responsive in this case. I’ll take the less responsive to touch with more protection from shattering any day though.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate my review. All thoughts are my own.


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