Update on Jordan’s Surgery

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Jordan surgery 1

I swear I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth.  Well, I did for a bit, but it wasn’t intentional.  It has just been a very long last few days.

To tell you about Jordan’s surgery, I have to start with Wednesday.  While I was at work, Pato took Alyce to the doctor and we found out that she had strep throat.  I know, right before Halloween, so sad.

Got her on medicine and we move to Thursday.

Thursday morning Katiana woke up crying that her throat hurt.  I was just sitting there saying you have got to be kidding me!  At 8 AM I ran her to the doctor.  No strep, just a nasty red throat accompanied by a cough.  I took her home, relieved that it wasn’t strep and relieved that she could watch Alyce since they were both home sick.  The only problem was that Alyce’s Halloween fall party was that afternoon.  Once she was on medicine for 24 hours, she could go back to school, but at that point I would be at the surgery center with Jordan.

It was a crazy day.

Jordan had to be at the surgery center at 12:00.  After I got back home with Kat, I hustled him around and into the car.  At this point he hadn’t eaten for 15 hours, nor had he drank.  He was getting a bit cranky.

We got to the surgery center, checked in, filled out all the paperwork, and sat and waited.  They wouldn’t be taking him back to surgery until closer to 2.

I called my mom and asked her if by chance my dad would be coming into Des Moines.  He wasn’t in town yet, but he drove all the way in from their house to take Alyce to school so she wouldn’t miss her fall party that she had her heart set on.

Jordan surgery 2

Once we got taken back, he managed to get himself into the gown and pull all of his hair back under his hair net.  Then we just sat and waited for the anesthesiologist.  When they took him back I went out to the waiting room again.  I waited and I waited for about 40 minutes.  The nurse came out and told me that the surgeon would be out to talk to me soon.

When he did, he was hoping that the tear in the meniscus that he fixed was what was actually causing Jordan pain.  The other thing he was a large gap between the meniscus and the bone.  He tried to maneuver it to suture it down, but it was just too large.  He didn’t want to remove that piece because Jordan is only 17 years old and has the rest of his life to walk on that leg.  If it ends up that his knee is still in a lot of pain after he goes through physical therapy, we may have to end up looking at taking it out.  For now, though, we wait.

Jordan was in the first area of recovery for longer than I thought he would be.  It took almost an hour for him to be moved to the second recovery area.  I was starting to worry at that point.

Jordan surgery 3

Once I did get to go back and see him, he was pretty much completely woken up.  The only thing that I saw him doing that was out of the ordinary was laughing at everything I said.  I was seriously funny for the first time since my son had become a teenager.

We went home an hour or so after he woke up.  (After stopping at Pita Pit.  He insisted because he was starving.)

Now we are almost at a week post surgery.  He hasn’t taken a pain pill today, which is the first time.  He seems to be walking a little smoother, and he hasn’t complained at all about that pain.  (Not that he has complained much to begin with.)

He starts physical therapy on it tomorrow night.

I am really hoping this is the end to his knee pain.

Have a wonderful day!

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