Unicorn Onesie <-- AKA Most Used Recent Amazon Purchase For Alyce

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Unicorn Onesie - 3

I had to share this because I didn’t know what onesies on Amazon are good and what ones aren’t,   What ones run so small that I have to grab an adult size for my 10 year old or know that my 13 year old won’t fit in a woman’s size.  (My 10 year old wears a 12-14 girls, my 13 year old wears a size 0-2 in women’s.)

I grabbed this unicorn onesie for Alyce.

Unicorn Onesie Kigurumi

Unicorn Onesie - 1

I grabbed a small for her and you can see it fits her perfectly.  Like I said she wears a 12-14 girls, she is probably 4’11” and weighs 100 pounds.

Unicorn Onesie - 4

Unicorn Onesie - 2

Unicorn Onesie - 5

Funny story about that picture.   Leecy and one of her dance friends saw Maesi Caes at this last dance competition we were at.   They both went and chased her down for a picture.  I was sitting there going leave the poor girl alone.  Alyce, you have gone to hip hop workshops with her, it’s not like you have never seen her.   She insisted.   Maesi was rather awesome and gracious about it.  Very sweet.

All in all if your kid is begging for a unicorn onesie, this one is awesome.  It has held up up through multiple dance competitions and washings.

Since I’m sharing Alyce, I have to share Katiana in her Pikachu onesie.   She didn’t research hers like I did Alyce’s.  She used her own babysitting money to buy it.  It is from a different seller and though it is cute, it isn’t the same quality as the unicorn.  It is much thinner material and ripped really easily.  I sewed it up for her, reinforcing the seams and it has held together much better since.  She still looks adorable in it.

Have a wonderful day!

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