U80 SmartWatch Review

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U8 Watch

U80 Smartwatch available on Amazon


  • NOTE 1: All functions are compatible with andriod smartphones, such as Samsung S3/S4/S5/Note 4/Note 3, HTC, Sony and so on
  • NOTE 2: Most of functions are compatible with iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/6/6 Plus, EXCEPT FOR ‘Messages’, ‘BT notice’ and ‘BT camera’
  • Capacitive Touch Screen TFT LCD, EDR Time / Date / Week / Battery state display
  • Silicone material provides a smooth touch feeling
  • Updated version than U8, multifunction: Dial, short message, phone book, call history, BT notification, BT music, Long-distance capture, pedometer, drink, rest, sleep monitor, anti-theft, power save mode etc

I have nothing bad to say about the U80 Smartwatch because I knew going in that not all features would be available with my iPhone 6+. It worked as I thought it would with one happy surprise, I could use my watch as a speaker phone. I didn’t think that would work with the iPhone but it did.

I synced it up quickly as soon as I realized I need to either sync with the watch or with my phone, not both at the same time. The range surprised me too. I was on my porch and the watch is my bedroom on the charger. My daughter came out and told me that she could hear my game I was playing on my phone in her room. That wasn’t intentional, but it was cool to find out the signal would go through walls and the sound could be heard in the next room (all be it lightly).

My 16 year old has a Pebble that I got him for his Christmas present that he never wears, he likes mine better for the speaker phone part. We traded, and yes, I owed him a bit of money because his watch was more expensive than mine. I really wanted to be able to get my text messages if there was an emergency with one of my kids while I was working and couldn’t have my phone on me. The deal worked out well, he got the watch he liked better and can still hear his music on it, I can see my text messages while working.

All in all, it’s a decent watch for the price, especially if you are on the android operating system. There are still usable features with the iphone though so if you can’t afford a hugely expensive smartwatch, grab this one.

I purchased this watch myself.  No one asked for a review.  This is something that I decided I needed and bought.  Amazon verified purchase.

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