The Goodwill Trip From Hades

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Car Parts

The other day we decided to hit out local Waukee Goodwill to see if they had any swimming trunks for Nano.  His were getting a bit small and I didn’t want to drive into Des Moines since we were going straight to the pool.

We got there, found him a pair of trunks, and I, of course, had to look at everything else to see if there was anything I couldn’t live without.

As I was standing there, one of the ladies who works there who is always rude, always always rude (she got in an argument once with someone because they didn’t want to round up their bill to donate to Goodwill, literally stood there arguing with a customer for a few cents) said “ma’am, you need to put your backpack behind the counter.”

I turned and looked at her and said this is my purse.  (It’s more a knapsack than an actually purse shaped purse).  She said, “You see that sign on the door?  It says all backpacks must go behind the counter.”

I said, “I am not leaving my PURSE behind the counter with my money, my cards, my keys.”  I opened it up and showed it to her and said, “See, this is my purse. Do you think I am going to steal something and put it in my purse?”

She said, “Did I say you were going to steal anything?”

I said, “No, and I’m still not putting my purse behind the counter.”

She started shaking, literally shaking in anger.  It was a bit freaky.

I’m sorry but there are many times when there is no one behind that counter and people like her work there.  I wouldn’t leave my purse unattended in a public place and I am surely not handing it over to someone who has a history of acting like she does.

While she was shaking in anger I said, “Are you going to throw me out because I won’t put my purse behind the counter?”

She just stood there shaking her head slightly while her whole body was having anger spasms.

I repeated myself, “You know how much money I spend a month here (buying out every size of cute name brand name of clothes they have for my kids, yes, I have a shopping problem at thrift stores), are you going to throw me out because I won’t put my purse behind your counter.”

Through gritted teeth and while still shaking she said, “no.”

I said, “I didn’t think so,” and put my things I was going to buy back.  I looked at my kids and said, “Let’s go, we’ll go see if the Urbandale Goodwill has what we need.”

On the way out I called and complained to the manager.  I said “The way she was shaking in anger was absolutely ridiculous, I will not be spending any more money in your store.  My regular purse is twice the size of the knapsack I was carrying today.  I am a 42-year-old woman who shops in your store all of the time, do you really think I am going to start stealing things now?”  I hung up after that.

I felt a little nudge at the way I reacted to her because normally I am not so quick to anger, but the way she instantly became so mad, it was like my protective instincts came up and I was like oh no you don’t.  I was still irritated and not listening to those little nudges saying I could have handled that differently.  It was basically an argument with myself over losing my own temper a bit.  One part of me thought I was justified.  The other part of me hates that I acted like that in front of my kids.

As we pulled into the Urbandale Goodwill parking lot I noticed that my air conditioning wasn’t as cold as it was.  I hurried to park it in a spot, obviously just in time, because as we got out of the car antifreeze started spewing all over the place.

Freaking lovely.  I almost started to cry.  Here I was completely irritated at that woman and then my car decided to semi-blow up 20 minutes from home.

Pato told me to leave my car there and while Jordan took his jolly sweet time coming to pick me up, I found a couple of awesome buys on top of the swim trunks that I was looking for.

fuzzy chair

$4.99 for that fun chair that the girls are using in their room as they create themselves a reading nook.

gypsy head

When I saw that bust, I had to have it.  My daughter was like, um no mom.  That’s weird.  I was like um, sorry Kat, you don’t pay rent. 😀

She now sits on my bookshelf and I think she needs a name.  She was $4.99 also.

When Jordan finally got there, we loaded everything into his car and left my truck behind.  I was a bit teary over that because I didn’t want it to be towed, even though I told the manager I would be back after Pato got off work.

We went to the pool, the kids had fun.

Then Pato had Jordan and I meet him to get my truck.


Suki had to go and wanted to know why she couldn’t get out of the car with me.

suki and pato

Instead of fixing my car, he spent a good deal of time rolling in the grass with our dog.  He melts for that little one.

He finally got the car going and brought it home.  It turned out the hose for the radiator had worked itself out of the clamp and that’s why antifreeze blew out all over the place.  Easy and cheap fix, thank goodness.

I’m glad I stopped when I did.  When he checked the oil, there was no antifreeze in it.  I was praying the whole time he was opening it up, please don’t let me have cracked the head gasket, please don’t let me have cracked the head gasket.


We came home to this and once again all was right with the world.

The moral of the story is keep your temper in check, no matter how someone else treats you.

I don’t want to have another day like that any time soon.

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