The Fireworks Finally Go On

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After getting rained out last weekend twice, the fireworks finally went on last night.  I took the 3 youngest (Jordan was at his dad’s) and we had a blast!  (No pun intended!)


The girls before the fireworks started.  Christiano wasn’t feeling photogenic.  I think he was feeling self conscious about his lack of hair.  You see, after the last hair cut where he flipped out over the hair stylist touching him, I decided to trim it up myself.  How hard could it be?  I did Jordan’s hair from 3 – 10.  Not a problem.  Always looked great.  Well, Christiano moved and I created quite the bald spot.  I sent a picture to Pato who sarcastically said, mejor ya cortaselo todo!!!!  (It would have been better if you cut it all off.)

So I did.

Nano is pretty much bald. 

Poor baby.


I think this is the best shot I got.  I need a tripod and a 16 month old who doesn’t climb all over me while I’m trying to keep my hands still.  135 pictures and I was happy with maybe 20.







That’s a few of the shots.

Then my SIL, Shelley, gave the kids cupcakes she made.  She’s so sweet!


Nano enjoyed it!  See the poor child’s hair?  I’m so sorry baby!

Next time I take him to get it done.

I was taking pictures of the birds’ cages because we are thinking of adopting Woodstock when he comes to Iowa from New Mexico.  Ok, I’m trying to convince Pato that we need to rescue Woodstock and give him a forever home. :)  Just in case, I needed to show them my cage set ups, tell them a little about my birds, my family, etc.


That’s Woodstock.  He’s at the Macaw and Cockatoo Rescue of New Mexico.  They just happen to be making a roadtrip to pick up some rescue parrots and help some owners with parrot behavioral problems and are stopping in Iowa.  They are part of a forum I hang at and said if any one was in the states that they were traveling through, they’d be happy to bring along a bird that there was interest in.  I love the big birds, but lovies and budgies have my heart.  Isn’t he pretty though?  I actually wanted a Opaline Creamino Peachfaced before I got Twinkle, I love the colors.  The sunshiny yellow is just so happy.  But, I fell for Twinkle.

So, I took pictures of our cages and thought I’d just show my set up. 


This is the budgies cage.  You can see Penelope in her favorite spot when I come near the cage, hanging from the top of the cage in the back.  Lucky is to the left, Angel is in the middle, Blueberry is on the heart swing.  And I am not sure where Lemon is hiding.  Possibly behind the shredded egg carton.  That’s her favorite toy.  An egg carton.  Anything she can shred.  I need to make her a new one but I have to use all my eggs first.


This is Twinkle’s cage on my desk.  With Twinkle knowing I’m standing there and wanting to be out on my shoulder.  This is the cage that came with her and I’m looking for a new one.  I’m not really liking this one much.  It’s kind of old.  That grate that is at the bottom of the cage, Pato made.  It didn’t have anything between Twinkle and the floor of the cage.  It’s not good for birds to be on a flat surface all the time.  When they are little like Twinkle was when we first got her, they can’t perch yet.  Pato made that to protect her little feet until she figured out how to get on a perch and hang.  Her favorite spot now is on the little wooden perch you see in front of her food dishes.

My goal is to someday get the parakeets a huge flight cage and move Twinkle to their cage because it’s bigger than hers.  Rule of thumb with birds, get the largest possible cage you can afford that is built for your bird.  (In my case, bar spacing has to be 1/2” or less because I have small birds.)  I’ve found that Ebay and Amazon has good prices on cages, but you have to make sure it is built for your bird.  You wouldn’t want to put a cockatoo in Twinkle’s cage.  Too small and the bars would be snapped in half in minutes.

In case you know birds and you’re concerned, Pato is in the process of making play gyms for the birds.  I want to learn how to make a cargo net for them also.  I don’t need the huge ship rope, I’ve got little parrots, I think I can get away with smaller rope.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the lovebird who has to help with everything –


That’s Twinkle inspecting my make up to make sure I’m not putting on too much.  Moments before this picture she was hanging from my bangs so that she could check out that other gorgeous lovebird ……… in the mirror.

Have a great day!

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  • Belle’s Butterfly

    I love your pictures of the fireworks. I don’t have a great camera or a tripod so mine came out pretty blurry.

    Stoping by from SITS!

  • I can’t believe how AMAZING those fireworks shots are! Sigh. I need a lesson or tow:)