The Boys’ Birthdays

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I’m behind again.

Bad me.

Anyways, Saturday was my boys’ birthdays.

If you are new to my blog, no they aren’t twins.  Same birthday, 10 years apart.

I didn’t do it on purpose.

I really tried not to do it at all.  Nano was late, my induction was scheduled for 2 days later, he had other plans.  He wanted to share his birthday with his big brother.

So, Saturday Christiano turned 4 and Jordan turned 14. I know. I can’t believe I have a 14 year old either.

It was all in all a fabulous day with only a few moments of stress and panic.

The boys got up, opened their presents, we had 2 basketball games (Jordan and Kat), then we came home and relaxed a little, and then we hit up Buzzard Billy’s (which I had never been to but was so fabulous btw).


Nano and his presents.  Nano got the Skylanders Giants Starter set, the Spyro set, that remote control cyber cycle, the triceratops dream lite, a Jake and the never land pirates set, and a couple of Thomas the Trains he doesn’t have.  It’s getting hard to find one he doesn’t have.  Child loves his Thomas.


Jordan got that motorcycle wallet because he needs something to put his learner’s permit/moped license in when he gets it (hopefully he passes the test today), the motorcycle helmet, and a bunch of gift cards (what he wanted).  I got him a gift card to Casey’s to fill up his moped quite a few times, enough PS3 network cards to get his season pass, and a gamestop card because he hates it when I pick out his games. 🙂


Jordan and Taylor – Jordan finally joins his cousin at 14. He’s been waiting since last July.  She’s 7 months older than him.  Notice no glasses in the picture?  Mr Jordan got contacts too.


Nano and Carter – his bestest friend and the one person I cannot ever forget in our nightly prayers.  If I do Nano always says, you forgot Carter.  And God bless Carter and keep him safe.  Good?  Yep.


Hy-Vee actually made the wrong cake. I ordered this cake –

11118_2_11118_2_CK-575 John Deere Construction

because I needed a cake that would fit both boys.  Nano likes all those tractors, trucks, cars things and Jordan is getting his learner’s permit, hence the bulldozer building the road.

This is the cake I got –


I think the cake they made is actually the same cake I ordered last year.

They refunded my money, so thank you HyVee for that.

They have been making so many mistakes lately on cakes that it makes me want to find another place.  I’d like the cake to be right the first time and not get a refund because they screwed up again. Maybe when the new Hy-Vee opens up by me their bakery will be more on the ball.


Oh well.  It was a cake.  They blew out candles and were happy.


Somebody got Jordan, I think it was my husband.

He deserved it I’m sure.


So that was the boys’ birthdays wrapped up in pictures.

I can’t believe that my oldest is 14 and my youngest is 4.  It feels like I just had them.

Have a great day!

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