The Boy Has Some Mad Make Up Skills

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The other day I needed to run to the gas station for some milk while I was making supper.

I left Jordan in charge.

He’s 14.  I started babysitting at 11. One would think he could handle his siblings while I took a 5 minute trip up the street.

I came back home to this:

See. Mad Skills.

I guess Jordan was more concerned about the PS3 remote he was trying to rebuild than the fact that his little brother was tearing apart my make up box.

My favorite make up palette was … I would say destroyed but … it’s usable still … after a lot of cleaning up.

I told Jordan he owed me $10 for it for not watching his brother. That’s how much I paid for the eye shadow.  He’s lucky it was E.L.F. and not a more expensive brand.

If you look closely, he did get the correct products in the right general vicinity of the face. Eye shadow semi close to the eyes, lip STAIN around the mouth.  Someone’s been paying attention to mommy doing her make up.

My make up case (old project 365 pic)

In Nano’s defense, the other day, while I was doing my make up, he said, “Mom, you really should lock your make up case before someone gets into it.”

I said, “Someone like you?”

Unfortunately, I don’t have a key to my case.  It was passed down to me when my grandma died.  I remember her sitting at the table with her train case propped up on the chair, bent over to look in the mirror, putting her make up on.  She was so beautiful.  I wanted to be her when I grew up. I still do.

I use the case for my make up too.

I just can’t lock it.

Maybe I should get a key made.

My make up might be safer.

Have a great day!

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