The Blue Pen

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The Blue Pen by Lisa Rusczyk

I just reviewed Sam The Night Person for Lisa Rusczyk yesterday and last night she sent me the e-book of The Blue Pen. Um, I did it again.  Stayed up half the night reading and just finished it a few minutes ago.

I know it’s going to be hard to believe, but I liked this one even more than Sam The Night Person.  That is saying something because that book was excellent!

Here’s the synopsis:

When magazine writer Parker meets homeless woman Cleo, he decides to interview her to find out the story of how she became homeless. Over several days, Cleo describes going from recluse to star of an improvisation club, where people channel spirits and explore the paranormal side of life.
Parker is being blackmailed by another reporter to take Cleo’s story and must find a way to keep Cleo’s tale his while not letting her down in the process.

I could not begin to come up with the ideas that Lisa does, but wow does she put a good story down on paper!

The story starts with telling us about this poor little gray half grown homeless cat, and with Lisa’s details that I love so much, then goes into Parker getting ready to leave for work.  He gets in his car and there is Cleo, a homeless lady, sleeping in his car.

She may have slept there other nights but Cleo never sleeps past the sun rising so Parker has never run into her in his car.

Thank goodness he doesn’t do what the average person would do, call the police, if he had we would not have this story taking us back through Cleo’s life, we wouldn’t meet all the characters that she has met along the way, we wouldn’t taste the drinks at the Beacon as we are imagining Swan spinning around or D.D. contorting her body into graceful yet inhuman poses while 88 Fingers tickles the ivories.

The Beacon just sounds like a place I would love to see, I’m not sure if I would ever have the guts to participate, but I would love to sit and watch.

I am one who believes in things that we can’t see.  I believe there are spirits among us (from my own and from family members experiences), and believing that, I believe that there are those who have a sensitivity to them.  Thinking the way I do, this story is actually plausible.

My heart broke for Cleo so many times in the book, for her and Patrick, for Nikki, for Cleo’s child, even for her husband.

And the decision that Parker had to make at the end wasn’t easy. I probably would have done the same thing, but I would have been scared and I would have been hurting to do it.  What did he decide?  I can’t tell you.  You’ll have to read it for yourself.  He had some big decisions to make and if he made the wrong one he could hurt Cleo and he could hurt himself professionally.

Cleo is such a character.  She made my heart hurt for people on the street who have no homes.  Why are they there?  What is there story?  How did they get there?  We all have a story.  Stop and think about that person next time you see a homeless person.  What is there story that led them to the point they are at now.

I won’t tell you what The Blue Pen is.  I’ll let the story lead you to it.

Another highly recommended book from Lisa!

Full Moon In December- Ebook Print

Sam The Night Person Ebook Print

and of course The Blue Pen – Ebook Print


Thank you Lisa for providing me with an ebook copy of your book The Blue Pen.  It was so good!

Look for another review of one of Lisa Rusczyk books coming up!  I’m going to get to reading!

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  • Lisa Rusczyk

    Wow! You are a fast reader! Thanks so much for reading another of my books and reviewing it. I appreciate it so very much!

  • HeatherManning

    I do read really really fast. Drove my teachers nuts in high school. They thought I was just skimming until I proved time and time again that I knew the details of the book. Thank you Lisa! I hope you get picked up by a big publisher! You deserve it! Feel free to pass on my reviews to anyone if it would help in any way!!