Temple Touch Thermometer

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I got this right in the nick of time, well, actually, right at the end of the fever, but perfect timing because I can’t figure out what Pato did with the thermometer after he took Christiano’s temp last night.



I have been wanting one of these since I heard a commercial for them on our local radio station. It’s one of those things that slips my mind until the kids are sick though. Then I don’t want to take them out to get one. I am so excited to have one now.

As I’ve told you the last few days, Christiano has been sick. It’s a great reminder about how much he loves to have his temperature taken. That would be, not at all. Even trying to sneak it under his arm pit when he’s sleeping wakes him up. You just want to let a sleeping baby lie, but when they are burning up when you touch them, you have to check and see what is going on.

When the premium temple touch thermometer got here today Christiano was napping. What better timing could I have asked for? I snuck in there after reading the instructions. Pushed the power button, waited for the 2 beeps, then pressed it to his temple, waiting for the beep to tell me it was done (6-8 seconds). No waking baby. Woohoo! It’s moving his arm to put the thermometer under it that wakes him up and I don’t even want to know what trying to take it rectally would do to his attitude when he’s trying to sleep.

I had to wait until he woke up to take pictures of him with it because the flash would definitely wake my light sleeper up.


He’s still a baby, I had to bribe him to lay still when he’s awake to take his temperature with a little watered down juice. Otherwise we played the game of “Here, let mommy touch this to your head while you attempt to grab it out of my hand. Can’t grab it? We’ll just smack mommy’s hand over and over again so she can’t get a good reading.” Definitely easier when he’s sleeping. Squirreley child.


3 hours after taking Tylenol his temperature is still normal. That makes my life easier, for the time being.


Can’t try out something new without Alyce getting to test it too. For the record, she’s as normal as she always is. 🙂 And she wanted to keep checking her temperature over and over because she might have a fever. Because you know those come out of nowhere in 30 seconds. Ok, they might actually at times, but she was just having too much fun with it.


Nano asking, “Mom are you done with me yet? Please?”

Here’s a description of mine:

The world’s only combined thermometer for both forehead & underarm measurement in a new innovative design. Another breakthrough in thermometers, its unique design & technical capabilities, which enable parents to receive quick and accurate temperature measurement by just touching the infant’s forehead or open armpit. The temple area is a comfortable and easy measurement site, accessible when child or patient is awake or asleep.

It is currently sold at Walgreens® stores nationwide for $29.99 and online at www.walgreens.com.


  • Measurement locations – temple and underarm
  • Instant measurement, 6 – 8 seconds
  • Room Temperature display.
  • Large and easy to read back-lighted LCD
  • ODPT® – Over Dose Protective Timer.
  • Recalls last reading recorded
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit scale readouts
  • Simple to operate, no scanning required
  • Family friendly, safe and gentle enough for newborns
  • Meets ASTM Accuracy requirements

Can I get a mommy woo hoo for the fact that the temple touch thermometer takes 2-AAA batteries? That is something I always have in my house. What I don’t have is the little watch batteries that all of my other thermometers called for. I ended up never replacing the batteries and just getting a new thermometer rather than go through the hassle of figuring out how to open up the thermometer, find out what kind of battery it took, and then trying to find a place that sold the right size battery. Seeing as they were the little round ones, that means going up to a counter and waiting for someone to decide if they have that type or not. 2-AAAs makes me very very happy.

The Premium Temple Touch Thermometer that I received gives you the option to take the temp on the forehead OR under the arm. You just push a button, it’ll show a picture of the head or the armpit, then take the temp. Alyce and I tested it both ways, multiple times. M-U-L-T-I-P-L-E times.

Want to know what else is cool? It has a timer to remind you of when you last gave a dose of medicine/need to give a new dose of medicine. If I don’t write everything down I forget what time Tylenol/ibuprofin was given, and that is something you don’t mess around with. You can easily screw up someone’s kidneys and liver with too much Tylenol, especially important when your dosing little kids.

Walgreens sells the Digital Temple Thermometer that I received.

Walmart sells the Mini Temple Touch under the ReliOn brand. I don’t see it listed online, but you can see it here. If you’d like it, ask for it at your local Walmart.

It’s the little things that make me happy and this made me extremely happy.

For being an excellent product that helps me monitor my child when they are sick WITHOUT waking up a sleeping baby –


Thank you to @TempleTouchMom and Temple Touch Thermometer for sending me the Premium Temple Touch Thermometer.


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  • Laura

    Need it! Want it! Must buy it!

    Maybe in 10 years they will sell a virtual Doctor so we don’t have to bring the kids in!
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Feel Good Friday: That is my spot. I was here first. =-.