Talking By Judith Viorst

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I thought I posted this poem on here a long time ago but when I was searching for it I couldn’t find it.

This was my favorite poem as a child. I memorized it, did it at an assembly, and my mom made me recite whenever company came over, probably because she always told me I talked too much.

Judith Viorst


They tell me that I talk too much.
I’m trying not to talk too much.
But oh, it’s hard to take time out
When there’s so much to talk about:
How long it took to pull my tooth.
How hard it is to tell the truth.
Why steel is not as nice as trees.
Why Brian has such scabby knees.
Twelve sights I saw in Williamsburg.
The definition of an erg.
Why roller skates are not my style.
Six reasons goldfish never smile.
How come I’d rather freeze than roast.
And ten things that I love the most:
The mustache on my father’s face.
Fires in the fireplace.
And any book by Judy Blume.
Never cleaning up my room.
Every single valentine
Sent to me by Chris Romine.
Drummers in a marching band.
Ferry rides,
The Redskins,
Poems, and

I loved poetry as a child that poem and anything by Shel Silverstein are my favorites.  I still have so many memorized.

Before I post the book, I must let the FTC know that the link below is an affiliate link to Amazon. 🙂

Talking can be found in the book
If I Were in Charge of the World and Other Worries: Poems for Children and their Parents

I LOVED that book as a kid.

Have a great day!

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