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Dance Pictures On Saturday

Alyce had dance pictures on Saturday and while I don’t have her actually pictures yet, I do have some slightly forbidden pictures (forbidden cuz there were signs up all over not to take pictures which I honestly didn’t notice until after the fact AND I decided I could continue pretending that I hadn’t seen it since I already prepaid for $150 in pictures TYVM) from the photo shoot. 

A Couple Of Videos Of The Girls

First is Kat’s concert!  Can I just say that I am so tired of dealing with YouTube questioning every freaking video I put up.  I get copyright violations, I get protecting copyrights, I am for protecting copyrights, but when it’s my kid’s concert at school or 1/4 of a song that Leecy is dancing too in class, I get a tad frustrated.  Chris Brown, I swear I am not trying to steal your song Forever.  I promise. It is safe.