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What I’m Reading This Weekend #FridayReads (47)

We Were Rained Out

I knew it was going to happen.  The parade was at 2 yesterday.  We planned on being there at 1:30 to line up with the soccer club.  At noon there was no word on it being canceled.  It was barely drizzling.  I had the kids all dressed in their patriotic best, had the stroller in the car, had all of us packed into the car, started the car.  My phone rang.  My sister in law called to tell me that they just canceled the parade for rain. 

Some Twinkle The Lovebird Pics

Cuz I haven’t done any in a few days.  I’d hate for you to go through withdrawal or anything like that.  She’s so stinking cute I could just eat her up.  Except when she’s chewing on my fingers and attempting to dismantle my mouse while I’m typing. No matter where I put my fingers on my keyboard she extenze, I mean extends that little neck to bite my quicks by my nails.