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Some Hopeful News

We went out and looked at mobile homes yesterday.  I was feeling depressed because even though the hours said they were opened and I had called and said we were coming, the office wasn’t open.  We found 3 that would work for our family and I left a message that we were wondering if any of those would go on contract.  We also looked in another town that I don’t want to live in.  Not that there is anything wrong with Grimes, but I want to keep the kids in our district. 

Pics From Alyce’s Birthday

The pizza and cake were eaten, the presents were ripped open, the boxes were all thrown away, and life has settled back down to normal today. Leecey had an awesome birthday.  She could hardly settle down again last night from all of the fun!  Here’s some pics, in no order because they went into my folder all weird like and it took me forever to edit the ones I did. :)