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A Lush Triangle By Selena Laurence Cover Reveal + #Giveaway #LushSeries

A Lush Triangle Cover
A Lush Triangle By Selena Laurence

Ahhhhhhh!  It’s coming!  A Lush Triangle!
The story before A Lush Betrayal!
I cannot wait wait wait!  I must read this now.  I love Selena Laurence and I love this series!
Gorgeous hot cover Selena!!!

Buried By Selena Laurence Release Day + #Giveaway #JuanAndBeth

Buried Cover
Buried by Selena Laurence

It’s here! It’s here!  I cannot wait to share my thoughts on Buried with you guys!
My review will go live on Wednesday but for now I will tell you that I think
this is my favorite Selena Laurence book to date!