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This giveaway hop is brought to us by Val @ Stuck In Books.  It’s about exactly what you think, books you can’t put down, books that you get stuck in.

I’m featuring an author whose books I love.  If you follow my blog, you see my post about her a lot.  I love her books so much, this Wednesday I am getting a tattoo dedicated to her Saving Angels series. 

Please meet Annie Rose Welch!

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Meet The Writer

Born and raised in New Orleans, Annie has a habit of shortening her words and telling long stories. She speaks with a southern flair and cooks with it too. At the tender age of twenty- one, she hitched up her wagons (took her first plane ride) and moved out west to the big shake (California).
Her writing career began one sleepless night when she imagined a gorgeous woman and a man with maniacal hair floating above her like lightening bugs falling from the sky. Curious about them, their story, and why they were floating around in her head, she sat down and penned (typed) her first novel, Marigny Street. A dream come true for her, she hasn’t stopped writing since. She loves a damn good love story, always has, no matter what the genre. She is particularly moved by imperfect love that in its own unique way is perfect, the notion of love at first sight, soul mates, and things that are generally out of the norm.
When she’s not writing she enjoys dabbling in photography and finding new, inspirational music to add to her collection. Deciding on a whim to hitch up those same wagons, Annie currently resides in Texas (where everything is bigger) with her husband, daughter, and their two peculiar dogs, Boudreaux and Tabasco (who, call her crazy, bark with an accent).
For lagniappe (a little extra), a virtual cup of café au lait and beignets, please visit Annie’s website:

It looks like I am going backwards today from my normal reviews, doesn’t it?  Her books are some of most favorite I have ever read.  Let’s start with her most recent.


What It's About

Never fall in love with a bank robber.

Especially if she’s the one who robbed your bank, took you hostage, and dumped you unconscious at the local convenience store. And definitely not if you are the assistant district attorney of Tupelo, Mississippi.

This is the advice Hank Huckleberry Rivers would have given himself, back when he was a man who vowed to always walk on the right side of the law. The same law that had seemed sacrosanct ever since the day he and his friends watched as two men were murdered right below their tree house.

Falling in love with a dangerous criminal can have life-altering consequences, though. And when the past and the present meet head-on, Hank finds himself in more trouble than he ever bargained for. He must run to save his life, daring to find answers to the questions threatening his safety and his heart, as the killer below the tree house comes after Hank—and his pistol-wielding bank robber.

It’s a simple case of love in the first degree.

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READ MY REVIEW OF Pistol Fanny’s: Hank & Delilah

Then we have my most favorite series of all time:


The Saving Angels Series

marigny street


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red dirt road


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lotus blossom lane


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The Crossroads


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Sparrow Way COVER

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Why am I showing you all of these books?  Because the winner of my giveaway gets to pick one!

You can choose whichever book you’d like to start. Have you started the Saving Angels series?  Grab the next one in the series?  Have you never read any of them?  Grab Marigny Street to start.  Want to start with her latest?  Grab Pistol Fanny’s.

If it’s available on Amazon in paperback you can choose that?  If you prefer ebooks (like me) or it’s not available in paperback, you can get the ebook.  I really don’t care how you read it, I just want you to check out Annie’s books!

(International must pick e-books, USA can pick paperbacks)


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