Stop Telling Me That I As A Christian Should Support Trump

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stopPhoto Credit to QFamily

*I promise, I don’t plan on becoming a political blogger. 🙂 Somethings just need to be said though.  It won’t be all politics all the time.

Someone posted this article today: Donald Trump And The Pharisees.

Along with it they said:

I couldn’t agree more! Christians need to stop attacking Trump and support him! Stop being self righteous! The way I’ve seen some people behaving is exactly why a lot of people want nothing to do with Christians or church! Look how you’re reacting to something that a human being said! Do you really expect someone who doesn’t know Christ to come to you? You will be the last person they go to for help and you will reinforce what they think about going to church! So check yourselves and stop with the nonsensical attacks on Trump!

Trump Supporter

Yes, he really said that.

 I have to say I’m a bit morally and politically outraged here.  My responses, which is in picture form because he deleted my original comments.

my respose

Can I say first, it is not self righteous to be appalled by someone’s ILLEGAL behavior.  Sexual assault is ILLEGAL.  Rape is ILLEGAL. Period.  This isn’t me being appalled over someone saying a swear word or over their library book being 3 years overdue.  Sexual violence is not just morally wrong, it is illegal.  I’m appalled when someone kills someone, I’m upset, disgusted, and angry when someone hurts a child, that is not self righteousness.

Secondly, DO NOT blame those of us who can see Trump for who he is as the reason why people are leaving the church and not coming back to it.

I know there are many many loving Christians out there, Christians who love the sinner, hate the sin, and seeing as we are all sinners, they love everyone.  Those are the people I identify with.  Those are the Christians that I am proud to call my brothers and sisters in Christ.   But there are many many hateful Christians out there and those are the ones we see the most lately.   The talk I see about blacks, Muslims, illegal aliens, Mexicans in general, anyone who speaks Spanish in public, LGBTQ, people who are on welfare, etc etc etc is not loving, it’s not Christlike, it is hateful against anyone who is different from them.  That is why people are not running towards the church.

As I said to him, vote for your candidate, support him, be my guest.  That is his and your right, but don’t tell me because I am part of your “group” that I have to support someone I find reprehensible.  Don’t tell me that I (and others like me) am the reason for the decline in church attendance, that we are the reason that people are not turning towards God.

I’ll tell you what, along with the hate, it’s people like this “friend” and his wife who actually called into doubt my salvation when Trump first threw his hat in the ring and I refused to support him, that are causing people to turn away from the church.  Yes, I was literally asked if I was truly a follower of Christ if I wouldn’t support Trump.  How many other candidates were there in the republican primaries?  Sixteen or something?  And because I would not vote for Trump in any way, shape, or form, I was obviously not a believer.  That behavior is what turns people away from the church.

I should have “unfriended” them then.  I didn’t though.  I thought it was something said in the heat of the moment.  We all do that.  We say hurtful things we don’t mean.  After today though, I am done.  I am done with people like that.  I’ve known them for years outside of Facebook and it’s sad that it takes politics to bring out people’s true colors.  I am losing more and more respect for people every time someone I knows opens their mouths about why they support trump.

he says what he means

Let me leave you with another classic example of Trump’s  most ardent supporters.

Trump can grab my

At least she has given consent, am I right?

I will not excuse
hoto credit to Autism Is A Trip

Alright, I am signing off before my brain explodes.  Have a wonderful day!

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