Started out as a good weekend

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I hope all you mama’s out there had a wonderful mother’s day!  Our weekend started out good with soccer and then we went out to my mom’s on Saturday.  Her birthday was Saturday and Mother’s day was on Sunday.  (Kind of cool, every few years her birthday falls on Mother’s day.)  We had an awesome Saturday actually.  Here’s a few shots of the kids at the game. 

Alyce – we have a new game.  Ok, not so new.  But it was really apparent on Saturday that her favorite game to play was “hang on mama’s leg”.  She’s been doing it all weekend.  If I’m up and moving, she’s holding on to my pants.  Even in the house.  SEVERE separation anxiety going on with this child.   It was kinda funny, we were at my mom’s and she must not have seen my move, but she was hanging on my brother’s leg til she heard his voice, looked up and freaked out.  Guess she thought he was me.  Poor kid.

I want to say this was a goal kick, but the ball is not quite up far enough for a goal kick, but maybe he was getting it ready?

Katiana, borrowing a coloring book from her friend that you can’t see beside her.  Ok, you can see her toes.  LOL

We only had 1 sub on Saturday.  So, Jordan go to play all but 5 minutes of the game.  Usually we have 12 team members, 6 on the field, 6 off – they rotate out at the same time.  I was proud of him for playing the whole game.  He played goalie most of it.  I think he spent about 5 minutes as a forward at the end.

Here’s just a couple pics of them at my mom’s.  It was sprinkling and I didn’t realize that I had a rain drop on my lens after awhile.  Ruined a lot of pictures. :o(

Alyce – this car was Jordan’s when he was her age.  Actually, all the toys out at my mom’s pretty much were from him.  LOL  When I got my divorce I took every single toy and told him to go get his own.  I was evil wasn’t I?  I moved into an apartment so the outdoor toys went to my mom’s for all the cousin’s to enjoy.  Alyce finally figured out how to move this big ol’ hunk of plastic.  LOL

MOM – push me.  Does anyone remember this layout?   I think we’re going to have to make another one this year.  LOL  It doesn’t matter how long I push her, it’s not enough.  :o(  Poor deprived baby.

Jordan and Alyce – all the pics I have of Jordan swinging are really blurry cuz I forgot to switch off of macro when I was taking pictures of things here at home the other day.  Oops.  And look, Alyce only has 1 bald spot left to fill of her mohawk.  ROFL  See that little triangle patch on the side at the top.  It’s exactly the same on the other side though, so 2 bald spots?  Child was born with a mohawk and a little tuft of hair at the bottom in the back.  (Imagine a little old man going bald on top, that’s what it looked at the bottom of her head when she was born)  My kids grow weird hair.  LOL

And the Broken Glass salad that my sister made for my mom for her birthday.  So yummy.  I finally got the recipe out of her.  And decided I won’t be making it any time soon.  Took her 5 hours all together.  Hello, I have children.  LOL  I said, can I blog the recipe?  She said NO!  This was passed down from like mom’s great grandma or something.  dude, that would be my grandma’s grandma.  Did they even have jello then?  or Knox gelatin???  or dream whip???  Ok, I’ll stop with the ingredients, she’ll kill me.  ROFL  I’m questioning whether my grandma’s grandma would have even been in the United States yet, or if she would have been back in Jolly old England?  No wait, that would be grandpa – I don’t know, I need to make a family tree.  There’s talk that we have Native American’s somewhere in our family, I don’t know who got the idea to put jello in dream whip, but I’m really glad they did.  ROFL

Then yesterday was mother’s day.  Started out with Jordan’s dad breaking his heart by saying he wasn’t coming to get him.  I mean, broken.  It hurt my heart to hear Jordan crying like that.  I said, call your dad back, but if he’s at the bar already, you’re not going with him.  (yes, that’s part of the reason I got a divorce.)  He wasn’t answering any phones anywhere.  So I called and left a message and told him how upset Jordan was and that I was bringing him out, I hoped he was there.  Well, the next time I called back, he answered, he had Jordan crying some more before I got on the phone and started getting angry. Let’s say that Jordan went to his dad’s yesterday.  I’m tired of the games he plays with Jordan’s heart. 

Pato was mad too when he finally called to wish me a happy mother’s day at 11:38 p.m.  My feelings were so hurt.  I told him, did you wish your mama a happy mother’s day yesterday at midnight?  (Saturday was when they celebrated Mother’s Day in Mexico.)  No, he wished her a happy mother’s day when mama came in to wake him up.  Oh go to – a place very hot.  ROFL  Seriously, you’re a grown man, set a freakin’ alarm clock.  I’m not bitter. 

He said he left to go to see his Grandpa one last time because he thinks he is coming home on Wednesday.  Ok, what time did you leave?  9.  Did you really think I wouldn’t be up with 3 kids at 9 in the morning?  Well, I guess he forgot to call in his rush to get out the door and his grandpa doesn’t have a phone on the ranch.  bleh.  Then he tried to sweet talk me.  He said, Heather, I got there and I said, I forgot to call Heather.  She’s going to be upset.  I said, I’m not mad, you hurt my feelings.  Do you not remember my labor with Katiana?  Do you not remember the blood transfusion???  2 bags Pato.  ROFL  I was milking it.  And he said, honey, do you think I’ve only known you 1 day.  Of course I knew you were upset.  And I was trying to get done helping my grandpa as fast I could so I could get home to call you.  I’ve known you a long time.  I know your feelings were hurt.  Oh whatever.  Poop head.

Anyways, back to Jordan’s dad.   Pato was mad.  He was going on and on about how he wanted to adopt Jordan and tell his dad to buzz off.  yeah, his dad won’t sign Jordan over to Pato.  There’s no way.  And so we continue this circle.

I did get myself an itty bitty mother’s day present.  I went to Star Bucks on Saturday to get a cinnamon dulce latte.  And they had those tumblers that you can put pictures into.  I came home and made it in an hour that I had before we had to leave for mom’s.

This is the whole thing.  And this is it in the tumber.

Didn’t that come out cute???  I LOVE it!  I used Dawn Inskip’s and my collab, Evitangel to make it because I love the contrasting green and pink.   That background paper has some blue and pink in it too.  It’s so pretty!  (My glass – ok, and the paper.  ROFL)

I put a build your own Commercial Use Grab Bag in the store! 

Check that out here!

Plus, I put in 4 new commercial use products – along with the 40 + others you can choose from!

Cloth Patter Overlays 3

Doodly Do Flower Brushes – The commercial Use Set

Old Edges 2 – The Commercial use Set

Cloth overlays 6

Plus, I broke apart the Bundle O’ Scraps!

Here’s the new kit that was in it –

A Grape Awakening

Plus it had –

Doodly Do Flower Brushes – Personal Use

Old Edges 2 – Personal Use

Glitter Music Doodles

Plus, I have a little something for you today.  Sure, you could take the paper out of the tumbler and scan it in yourself, but why?  I took that step out for you.

Tumbler Template

See, I’ve been busy this weekend.  LOL  And I’ve got a new collab that I’m working on with another fabulous designer!  That should be done soon!

I think I’m going to take my laptop outside and ride the blog train while the girls play!  You have a wonderful day!

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  • Carjazi

    Glad that you and mom had a good weekend, all but for poopyhead there. lol (do I sound 4?) Can’t wait for the next collab!! So love the one with you and Dawn. Hope you have a good day!

  • Amanda

    Glad you had a good weekend except for the 2 poopheads. The weather looked like it was gorgeous! And yeah, I sort of got the day off, but did you see where DH had to go to work and I only get 2 days a year? LOL

  • Robin L

    What a busy weekend. Sorry about Jordan’s dad, I had the same thing with my son. Hang in there.

  • Eve

    Man girl, you are the busiest person I know! LOL Sorry the “men” are being poopy heads!! :(

  • Janeal

    Sounds like you had a fun day at the game. I love your fun cup you made. Thank you so much for the template. I was just thinking while reading that I should go and get one of those mugs and look for a template. How funny that I look at the bottom and find your template. Thanks bunches hun! Great idea!

  • Marianne

    Great tumbler template – what a nice freebie.

  • Mona

    Happy mothers day! You know what? My mother does also have birthday on mothers day occasionally. But in Norway we have mothers day in February :) Nice photos and nice kids! Looking forward to your next collab!

  • Jane

    What a great idea on the tumbler! Hubbies birthday is a in a few days, maybe I can make something like that for him.

  • Kari

    I hope your Mama’s Day was a good one! I’ll glady help ya kick Pato & Jordan’s dad in the ummmm, yeah. Have a fab Monday! MWAHS

  • Monique

    Oooh I wish I could get my hands on one of those tumblers! They are so elusive! Yours turned out great Heather! Have a great week, I hope Pato has a safe trip home! šŸ˜€

  • Michelle Powell, Kutnkudlys Kreations

    Great pictures Heather! Glad you had a great weekend! And you little brat you, those cloth overlays are just tooooooo neat! Might have to grab me some dangit! LOL
    That cup is darling too!
    Have a great day!

    Oh, I updated the comments section on your post šŸ˜‰ you might want to check it out šŸ˜‰ *you can delete this part out of my comment if you like, just wanted you to know*