Spirit Sticks Dance Pics

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WDA SPirit Stick

When I think of Spirit Sticks, I think of the ones in the picture above.  (Those are the sticks our team takes on stage at competitions.)

A couple of weeks ago I was looking at what we could order for dance pictures.  I ordered a 16X20 collage of all of her individual pics, pics of her and dance BFF, a picture of her and 3 of her closest friends in their flight attendant costumes, and a bag tag that has her solo costume picture on it.  Then I saw something called Spirit Stick.  I was like “What is a spirit stick when it comes to dance pictures, Tim McConnel?”.    There wasn’t a picture to show what it might be (like there was for other gift options).  I figured it was only $10, I would order one and see what it was.

It came the other day and Katiana decided to open the package.  She burst out laughing and then held it up.

Alyce Spirit Stick

That is a bigger than life size version of my daughter’s face on a stick.   Everything is better on a stick right?  Corn dogs, fried Twinkies,  jalapeños, your kids’ faces.

Other than being a bit blurry IRL (because of how large it is blown up), this is quite possibly the best thing I have ever seen.  I told all of the other dance moms that we need to each get one so we can all sit in a row holding up our daughters’ faces.   I mean for real.  Would that not be amazing?

laughing crying emoji

I had to blog this because before I bought it, I googled as many forms of dance pictures spirit stick as I could to see what it was and didn’t find much.  I thought maybe it would be that dance picture (the whole thing) on a stick.  If I had known it was a ginormous cut out of her face, I probably would have picked a picture where her lipstick wasn’t all jagged up close.  This is my public service to you, just in case your photographer offers spirit sticks as well.  They really should.

I’m dying.

This is what the original picture looked like:

solo pic

Tim McConnel, you are fabulous.  Not only did I get a great dance picture of her in her solo costume, I got the best laugh I have had in ages and something to completely embarrass my daughter with at dance competitions.  I thank you!

Have a wonderful day.

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