Speed Dating With The Dead

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SpeedDating300 Speed Dating with the Dead by Scott Nicholson

When Wayne "Digger" Wilson hosts a paranormal conference at the haunted White Horse Inn, he has motives beyond searching for the inn’s legendary ghosts.

Years ago, he made a honeymoon promise to his wife Beth that if one of them died, the survivor would return to the White Horse to summon the other’s lost spirit. Now she’s dead and Digger’s back, with the daughter they conceived during that fateful honeymoon sixteen years before. And the ghost hunters are stirring up ancient evils that were better left in peace, because the inn’s basement is home to a circle of demons that have been waiting for Wayne to return.

They want his teenage daughter Kendra, and they’ll play whatever tricks they need in order to satisfy their dark desires. And at the White Horse Inn, not even angels can be trusted . . .

Wow!  I <3 Scott Nicholson.  Here I go thinking that I am going to read a “normal” ghost story, forgetting that when you are reading a Scott Nicholson book there is no normal to gauge against.  I hadn’t read the description before I started.  I just jumped right on in. 

I actually got up as I was reading to come out and get a glass of water and kind of did a little dance as I was reading and walking past my husband.  Scary scary!  What’s scary scary? my husband asked.  This book is scary scary.  I say it in all of my reviews, and I’ll say it again, in my opinion Scott is up there with the greats, King, Koontz, Cook.  He scares that pants off of me and I LOVE it!

This book is based at a paranormal conference in the Appalachian Mountains at a hotel that sells itself on being haunted.  Funny how the manager of the hotel works to give this illusion, when in reality this place is loaded with things you don’t want to bump into ever.  Digger had made a promise to his wife both on their honeymoon and on her death bed that he would meet her back at the White Horse.  Here he is, will she be there?  And if she is there, will she be good?  or evil?

No spoilers here people.  Read the book!

Like his other books, Scott brings in so many interesting characters that play an integral role in the book, Kendra – Digger and Beth’s daughter, Cody, Roach, different members of the conference, some who are full on believers, others who are skeptics to the highest degree.

Read an excerpt here.

On my definitely recommended to read list!  If you are like me and love the paranormal, love ghosts, spirits, all of that, or if you like horror books, or if you just want something different to read, this is an excellent book to grab!

Check out Scott’s blog tour right going on right now!  He’s giving away at least 2 Kindle 3’s and a 3rd if The Red Church (which I reviewed here) makes it into the top 100!  He has the book priced at $.99 right now.  Grab it and read it on your Kindle, other reader, laptop, ipad, ipod, whatever you read your books on!  It’s one of my favorite books.  Very very strange in a good way!

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Thank you so much to Scott Nicholson for providing me an e-book copy of Speed Dating with the Dead

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