Some More Painted Rocks In Central Iowa

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painted rocks

We have been painting and find rocks like mad men over the summer.  Now that summer is coming to an end and we are all back in school (or in my case, back at work in school) we will need to really work to find time to do  this as a family.  Alyce’s and Kat’s dance schedule has someone at the studio 6 days a week and Nano has soccer starting.  We are back into that crazy time of year.

The rocks above I hurried up and painted Thursday night.  I work in a special ed class room and our News2You for the week was about painted rocks.  Our teacher was going to have them paint some rocks and we can hide them next week.  I wanted to have some rocks as an example.  This is where I got the inspiration for the penguin.

painted rocks

Here are some more that I painted to hide around our schools and dance studio for the first day of school.

painted rocks
Alyce and Nano hanging with my penguin

Here is one of the painted rocks that we hid.  The person who found this one posted in our Facebook group that this little guy was off to Alaska.  They were going to hide him there.  I think that is so much fun (and appropriate).

painted rocks
Alyce’s painted rocks and one we found

Here are some Alyce painted and hid, except for the little white rock with hearts.  That is one we found and rehid.

painted rocks
Painted rocks

This was my inspiration for the faces.

painted rocks
Painted Rocks
painted rocks
Alyce and Nano and painted rocks they found
narnia in waukee
We found Narnia

We found Narnia while we were hiding rocks.  Who knew there as an entrance in our town.

painted rocks
Teacher’s, secretaries, and nurse rocks

I painted some rocks for my special ed teachers, one for each of my littles’ teachers (not shown), one of each of our secretaries in our building, and one for our nurse.

painted rocks
Lots of rocks found

Funny story.  I just had told these two to go to bed because they needed to get on a school schedule when someone posted that they hid a cute rock.  They talked me into going out and they found this huge stack of rocks.  We kept a few (I had to keep the underwear, too freaking cute).

painted rocks
painted rocks
Peace, Love, and Warriors
painted rocks
Some fun rocks Alyce found at the library

Seriously, if you haven’t joined in the painted rocks thing, you totally should.  It’s so much fun!


Have you started painting rocks?  Or what is your favorite craft to do?

Have a great day!

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