SOL REPUBLIC x Motorola DECK Wireless Speaker Review

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SOL REPUBLIC x Motorola DECK Wireless Speaker

I was totally stoked to be asked to review the DECK.  It was supposed to be here before Christmas so that I could get it up for you all to look at for holiday gifts and parties, but it did not arrive a day or so before Christmas.  I held off on the review to let everyone recover from the hit the holidays puts on our pockets (admit it, you too hate seeing something you must have and not being able to get it).  Now feels like a good time to share my thoughts on this.

I feel like I should post a disclaimer for those of you who might visit that aren’t familiar with my blog.  I am not a techy nor do I play one on TV.  I love new toys and technology but I don’t get technical.  I explain how I use it and how I liked it. Simple enough.


The SOL REPUBLIC x Motorola DECK is the only wireless speaker featuring Super-Power Wireless Range and Heist Mode™, allowing up to 5 friends to pair at once and take turns controlling the music.

Sol Republic’s 1500-00 DECK Wireless Speaker, in gunmetal, fuses the sound and style of SOL REPUBLIC with the cutting-edge technology of Motorola. Powered by 360° Full Sound, DECK lets you experience incredible sound with friends from anywhere in the room. Roam the party and still play your songs with super-power wireless that gives you up to 300 feet of freedom. Up to 5 people can pair with the device at once and take turns controlling the music. Hit the Outdoor Mode button for a boost in sound you can hear further away. Use the Stereo-Out jack to share and control music through your home or car stereo. You can even daisy chain several DECKs together for a wall of sound. Plus you can seamlessly switch from playing tunes to talking to your friends with our crystal-clear speakerphone. You’ll be blasting music or taking calls in seconds with EasyPair Bluetooth and NFC compatibility.

You have more color choices at the SOL REPUBLIC site.


I have been on the hunt for a decent speaker for a long time.  I have one speaker in my kitchen that isn’t wireless and while the sound is semi-ok, it isn’t very loud.  I’m a mom to 4, there is constant noise in my house, and I like to listen to music while I am doing things like washing the dishes.  If you can’t hear the speaker over running water, it kind of sucks. 

To say I was excited to get this for review is an understatement.  I knew and respected both brand names and had high hopes.

I got it, I opened it, I loved everything that came with it:  carrying case that I can slip in my purse, a charger that you can plug two USBs into so you can charge the DECK and your phone/iPod/whatever you are using on it at the same time, a stereo jack cord thing (see, not technical at all), and the Deck.

I immediately unpacked everything and hooked it up to my phone.  Cool features – it works with both blue tooth and NFC, no need to go through my settings on whatever device I am using to connect, I just sit my phone or my ipad on it and it connects.

It took me a few seconds to figure out NFC (turn it on in your settings) but I got it. 

The first thing I blasted on it was Christmas music.  T’was the season and all.  It sounded great.  I heard the bass.  It wasn’t thumping thumping like I would get out of our surround sound system, but it still was there, which is a lot more than I could say for my other speaker that, while it was half the price of this one, still wasn’t exactly a can speaker.

Later on I brought it into the kitchen and tested while washing dishes (did I mention I’m a mom, you want to know how real people use this right?).  I could definitely hear it well with the dishes and the kids.  I have tested it in outdoor mode indoors to see if I could get it louder, above the sounds of the chaos that is my house, it sounds better outside in outside mode, then inside in outside mode. I want another one so I can hook them together and really get the sound that I want.  The tone is great, I just need more. 

Speaking of outside mode, definitely something to take out with you when you are lounging on the deck, reading a book, or while sunbathing you could listen to an audio book.  For small gatherings one would be perfect.  For larger gatherings with drinks, I would invest in more than one and daisy chain them together.  That is a very cool feature that my other speaker can’t do.

I haven’t tried heist mode yet because my kids hate my music and they would take over all the time.  As it is, I can never find this when I want to use it.  It is always in one of their rooms or my husband was using it.  That never happened with the other speaker.  I keep saying it is mine, leave it where I put it and no one listens.

Make sure you read the instructions because there are some really handy features on this.  You can stop to pick up a call on speaker phone, you can stop and pick up your call on regular phone, my kids love it when I send a text message when I am hooked up and I forget to disconnect myself.

All in all, extremely happy with The DECK.  I love that I can easily carry it from room to room, no wires to worry about, no cords to plug in.  The sound makes me happy.  It’s a pretty little toy that lights up and speaks to me (battery almost full) and the sound is better than anything I have heard in a speaker of this size. 

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