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Nano soccer

Another season of soccer is upon us and this season, I only have my boys playing.  It’s kind of strange not running to 4 soccer games on the weekends, but don’t worry.  I’m still running running running with both girls dancing now.  🙂

Nano soccer 2

Had to share both of Nano’s pictures. 🙂  Pato is coaching his team again this season and they are having a great season.  He has a whole new team and he took to it very well.  I was worried that not having his normal team with him might cuz him to shut down but he went right along with it.  It helps that he new some of the boys from school.

Nano soccer 3

He has had a rough start to this school year.  All new soccer team,  all new school because we were redistricted to the newest elementary in our district.  That much change is hard for any kid, but for one with autism, it was a battle.  After he got through the first day of each, he was totally a trooper and I’m so proud of him.  He’s come a long way since he was first diagnosed.  He’s worked so hard.

Jordan soccer

It was during one of the saves in that first game that he came down on his knee. He dove, made the save, but his knee hasn’t been the same. It was bruised half way down and half way up his leg and all the way around his knee. He could still walk so he wasn’t overly concerned about it. I sent him to the doctor last week because it was still bruised (2 weeks later). The x-ray showed that there was cartilidge pushed into a spot that was supposed to be an open gap. If the MRI shows the same thing, he will have to have surgery to remove that. I’m praying that with the medicine and rest everything went back to normal and that he won’t need surgery.

As much as that boy loves soccer, he gets hurt so much.

I am going to try to get better about blogging. I went through a stage where I was just burnt out but I”m back to missing it.

Have a wonderful day!

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