So Tired Of Apartment Inspections

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I don’t care what agency is doing it.  We just got inspected back at the end of April by maintenance and there was this note up yesterday.


I blurred out the address and apartment complex name.  Don’t need a stalker. But that long blur under Attn: Residents of lists all the buildings in our complex that will be inspected those days.  I don’t even know how long it takes them to do the entire complex.

Now it’s the city housing inspector.  The city inspector is the one who found my jalapeños I had forgotten about in the fruit crisper.  He opens things.

For the record, they still haven’t fixed the things I asked them to fix back in April, like my microwave buttons.  The 2, the 5, and the 8 don’t work.  The vent fan button doesn’t work.  You should see me coming up with creative ways to set the microwave.  Instead of 2 minutes?  119 seconds.  When I need to cook popcorn that I need to set at 2:24?  154 seconds, plus add 30 second button.  With my cooking skills, I really need the vent fan to work.  My shower stall door in the master bathroom still hasn’t been screwed to the wall.  They’ve caulked it no less than 3 times since we move in and as soon as it dries, it cracks again and the door pushes in.  They used to be really good.  You called maintenance, you got someone here that day or the next.  Now I have a work request from April that has never been filled.

Yeah, I could call, I probably got lost in the paperwork from the last inspection, but I thought it would be more fun to inform them at the next inspection that it STILL wasn’t fixed.  I guess I’ll have that opportunity on Monday, 2 1/2 months after the LAST inspection.  I’ll be sure to let the city inspector know that these things haven’t been fixed yet.  After I ask him if he found anything out of place in my underwear drawer as he inspected my bedroom.

I wouldn’t mind inspections so much if it was 1 time, maybe two times a year.  No, it’s maintenance twice a year (accompanied by a manager of the buildings), it’s the city inspector once a year, and when the feds show up, you get inspected twice in 2 weeks, once by maintenance, once by the feds.

Why do the feds inspect?  I don’t have any idea because I think this whole program is a joke.  We don’t live in low income housing.  It’s not CIRHA.  Though, they do accept CIRHA if you receive it.  The lady upstairs paid something like $65 a month for her and her 5 kids. She got kicked out.  We’re not supposed to have dogs or cats.  But, I go off track as usual.  It isn’t Section 8 housing either.

From what I understand, the apartments get some kind of grant by keeping certain qualifications for residents who live here.  They told me that a family of 5 has to make less than $40,000 a year to move in.  If you make more than that when you go to your recertification each year, it doesn’t matter, they don’t kick you out for it.  I don’t know what it’s called. 

Anyways, I think my apartments are full of it.

When we moved in almost 6 years ago with our move in special, we paid something like $650.  Every year they raise our rent (you know cost of living increases, but if we moved out and moved back in? We’d start back at that low price.  I know, I lived here before I met Pato, moved out with him, moved back in when we moved back to Iowa.), plus every person we have in our apartment over 3 (up to 6 in a 3 bedroom), they raise our rent $15/month.  So, Katiana is an extra $15/month. Then we had Alyce – an extra $15/month.  Then along came Christiano – another $15/month.  If we had any more kids (no plans on that – praying to the God of my IUD), we’d be kicked out.  6 people in a 3 bedroom is the limit, which makes sense. 

We are now paying $800/month.  That might be low income for say New York City or California, but for Iowa.  It’s average.  You can find apartments that cost more than that, yes.  But those are like twice the size of my 1000 sq feet, they have indoor gyms, indoor pools, club house, etc.  We have an outdoor pool, playgrounds, a dirty pond, and volley and basketball.  Yippie!  You can also find apartments that cost a lot less, but there’s no way on God’s great Earth, my family would fit in them, even if they were three bedrooms.

That’s fine.  We have the money to pay our bills.  I’m just tired of inspections.

Yes, we need a house.  We need to buy a house.  I want a house.  I want to be the one who does inspections in my life, thank you!

We can’t agree on one.  I want to keep the kids in our school district.  Pato wants to move closer to his work. 

I don’t want to switch schools.

Plus, the whole maintenance thing is kind of handy.  Your refrigerator breaks?  You don’t go to Sears and buy a new one, you call Pete in maintenance and the guys bring you a new one.  Compact Fluorescent light bulb dies before the 10 year warranty is up?  You don’t go to Wal-Mart and buy a new one, you go down to the office and get one.  Ceiling fan a little wobbly? No need to go to Lowe’s and get parts, call maintenance, they come put in a new motor.  Grass get a little long over the weekend?  The yard guys will be out Monday morning to mow as always.  Grass looking a little brown?  Don’t worry, the sprinklers will kick on and make it pretty again a few times a week, and I don’t pay for that water.  Nasty snow storm blow in 8 inches of snow piled in the parking lot and on the sidewalk?  Maintenance will be out first thing in the morning with the tractors and clear the way.

I don’t have to worry about house insurance, the roof leaking, the basement flooding, if something happens, I have rental insurance to cover our personal property, the apartment carries the rest of the coverage.

If I just had 2 kids still like I did when we moved in almost 6 years ago, it would be great still.  But, we have 4 now.  There’s not enough room.  My kids drive each other nuts – I have a feeling they would do that even if we had a house.  I have 4 kids in an area where there just isn’t enough room and inspections stress me out.  I worry about every mark, bump, stain, everything. 

It’s easy to just keep living here because of the positives of apartment living, but the negatives are starting to outweigh those by a lot.

We need to get serious about finding a house.

If we could only agree upon where.  We need to do it while prices are still low. 

We also need to get a carpet cleaner today.  Pato was going to rent a rug doctor, but I found some steam vacs on Craig’s List that he’s going to call about.  I would love to have my own carpet cleaner to use once a month vs only before inspections. :) 

Did I mention that I HATE apartment inspections?

Have a great day!

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  • debp

    That is exactly why I bought a house. I had one inspector go through my underwear drawer in my dresser. The next time he came I warned my neighbors about it. One of them caught him with their 9 year old daughters underwear.
    He questioned me keeping clean pans in the oven. Thank goodness there was a women with him, and she said that she did the same thing.
    The maintence would steal things, but couldn’t be bothered to fix anything correctly.
    The sad thing is, I am thinking about getting an apartment, because of my health.I don’t like the thought of going through that again.