Sneaky Uses For Everyday Household Objects

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They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Well if times are hard economically, it’s time to get creative and make the most out of what we have.

Inventor Cy Tymony can show people how to turn everyday objects and discarded leftover objects from around the house into valuable tools, toys, and devices that can save replace the need for new products, can save people money and reduce and even avoid needless expense.

Cy is a modern-day, real-life MacGyver – someone that people might liken to Mr. Gadget, Maxwell Smart, a mad scientist or a modern day scientific wizard — only he’s the real thing.

In grade school, he defended himself against school bullies with the help of a spring loaded shocker hidden up his sleeve.

As an adult, he teaches and dazzles people of all ages everywhere with the remarkable demonstrations of ingenuity, imagination and creativity.

His new book, Super Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things contains 30 new, never-before-seen, do-it-yourself inventions and activities.

He breaks new ground in the world of fashion with designs and instructions for the Sneaky Light-Up Nail, Sneaky Animated Nails, Invisible Nail Art, Sneaky Bangle and Sneaky Bangle Bag, Sneaky Headband, Sneaky Belt, Sneaky Action T-Shirt, Sneaky 3D Party T-Shirt .

Ever wanted to really stand out from the crowd? You can create your own Sneaky Light Up Nails!

 sneaky-1 sneaky-2

You could spend a small fortune on designer clothes or shoes or spring for expensive jewelry, but there is a sneakier way. Using a micro LED light and a couple of tiny watch batteries, you can create unique illuminating nails. Simply adjusting the position of the top nail acts as an on/off switch, allowing your nails to outshine all others.



That’s not all. There are many, many more to choose from:

Sneaky Toys and Games (Digital Picture Frame Applications, Sneaky Vibra-Cup, Sneakier Vibra-Cup Add-Ons, Vibrating Football Game, Sneaky Portable Alarm , Sneaky Foosball Game, Mini-Foosball Game, Sneaky Invisible Signaler…).

Sneaky Science Projects (Power Devices with Your Plants, Pencil Battery, Sneaky Penny Battery, Sneaky 9-Volt Battery Trick, Sneaky Diode Power Trick, Toy Motion-Detector Adaptations, Mind-Controlled Toy Modification…).

Sneaky Uses Beyond Everyday Things (Make Batteries from Everyday Things, Sneaky Radio-Controlled Car Projects , Sneaky Flying Disc, Sneaky Mini Boomerang , Sneaky Electrical Generator, Wild, Wild Vest, Sneaky Toy Modifications, Sneaky Floating Photos… and much more.

Super Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things is the eighth book in the Sneaky Uses for Everyday Objects series. Over 300,000 Sneaky uses books have been sold and most projects can be completed in just minutes using common items already found around the house. Fans of all ages will use their ingenuity to turn ordinary, everyday objects into something extraordinary with the help of Super Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things.


Super Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things

Releases November 1, 2011 

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What People Are Saying

“For folks who wonder why they keep tossing odds and ends in that junk drawer in the kitchen, Sneaky Uses for Everyday things… offers evidence that technology doesn’t always have to come from best Buy, or Microsoft,”

-U.S. News and World Report

“Thank you Cy…for opening up the world of tinkering and creativity to a whole new generation looking to get their hands dirty with new and exciting projects.”

-NPR’s Ira Flatow, host of Science Friday

About the Author


Cy Tymony is an amazing inventor. By reading comic books and studying science as a young boy he amazed his friends with unusual scientific projects, demonstrations and ideas. He is trained in auto mechanics, electronics, video and audio technology and computer science and has taken courses in martial arts, security and survival techniques. For decades has focused his enthusiasm, creativity and imagination on educating people of all ages and walks of life. He is the author of the Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things book series.

Cy Tymony is a real live renaissance man. He has lots of media experience. He is a wonderful and inspiring guest with a childlike enthusiasm for science and technology. His Sneaky Uses books explore the delight of finding. He has an incredible and contagious energy who delights in sharing the wonders of the human potential.

Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things, a science best-seller, has been featured on CNN Headline News, the Los Angeles Times, and in U.S. News & World Report. It is available at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Crown, Powells, Hastings, and independent book stores and online at Barnes & and at

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