Scientific White Bamboo Exfoliator

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white_bamboo_exfoliator I recently was able to try the Scientific White Bamboo Exfoliator by Kenneth Beer MD.

Before I give you my thoughts on the product, let me tell you what Scientific says about it.

White Bamboo Exfoliator is a clay-based scrub for all skin types and warms upon contact with water. This deep-cleansing formula helps purify skin, minimize pores and balance excess oils. Microsifted White Bamboo crystals gently resurface the outer layers of skin. Our four powerful antioxidants (Acai Fruit Extract, Green and White Tea as well as Ferulic Acid) aid in correcting daily environmental damage. With regular use, White Bamboo Exfoliator can help provide a more luminous, smoother, healthier younger-looking complexion.

There is a lot more information on the product page that I think is essential to knowing about this product and how it works so check it out when you have time!

When I got the Scientific White Bamboo Exfoliator, I excitedly ran to the bathroom to try it after ripping open the package it came in.  I put the quarter sized amount in my palm and went to work spreading it on my face and neck.  The first thing I noticed is how it heats up.  Immediately.  I wouldn’t call it painful, but it is definitely warm.  Be very careful not to get this near your eyes because it is very abrasive.  I massaged it for the two minutes and then left it on for 3 more.  You can definitely feel the bamboo as your massaging this into your face.  I start out rubbing more vigorously then back off and lightly rub it towards the end because it can get sore if you rub too hard.

The results?  Immediately my skin felt baby smooth.  I mean, couldn’t stop touching my face baby smooth.  It looked brighter.  I was happy with just that result.

After 3 more uses I was amazed one day when I was putting on my make up.  Amazed.  I have scars on my face.  Not from acne per say, because what I have doesn’t look like acne to me. I have bumps all over my cheeks that are the same color as my skin.  When I was in my 20s, I tried to pop them like you would a zit.  All it did was scar up my cheeks horribly.  And I still have bumps. 

Why was I amazed?  The scarring was disappearing.  I’m at probably 1/2 the scarring I had before.  They were just dark spots and small indentations, but they bothered me.  A lot.  The bumps are starting to leave too.  I don’t have any in the center of my cheeks now and the ones around the center are dramatically lower in quantity.  Do you know how happy that makes me?  I’m starting to feel good about my face again. 

I also noticed that the faint age lines that I am getting are not quite as noticeable when I’m not smiling.  When I smile they are still there, but they are getting better as well.

intensive_repair_serum Verdict, I love this!  I use it every other day in the shower right now and I’m loving the results that I see. For our income, it’s a little high in price, but for what it’s doing for me, it’s worth it.  Speaking of price, they have a coupon right now, their monthly special.  If you add the Scientific White Bamboo Exfoliator to your cart, then click on the sidebar where it says monthly special 20% off of the Scientific White Bamboo Exfoliator, you’ll see a $13.60 discount in your cart.  I really want to try his Intensive Repair Serum now.


I had thought to myself that this would be excellent for your rough feet too (my heels are horrible, dry, cracked, gross).  I noticed on the Scientific White Bamboo Exfoliator product page that they do recommend that.  I am going to have to give it a try!


Thank you to Scientific and Kenneth Beer MD for sending me the Scientific White Bamboo Exfoliator to try out.  Fabulous!  I’ve never used another product like it with results like I have gotten.

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  • Ana

    This sounds like fabulous luxury in a bottle!! Loving it!

  • Pam

    I would love anything that would make my fine lines disappear. It sounds like a wonderful product.

  • brett

    another use for bamboo? awesome!! and if it hides aging signs and can get rid of scar appearance, sign me up!!

  • I’d love to see a specific ingredient list (couldn’t find one on the site, just a general list), but I’m definitely intrigued since it contains acai.

  • Baby Soft – you say… I am in 🙂

  • I have never tried a bamboo product, but I hear fantastic things about them.