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Scarlett Jade and I are having a celebration!  We have both hit 4000 likes!  I have never had a big celebration for any of my blogging achievements (I almost did a 7 year blogging anniversary, but I am glad I waited because it is so much more fun when you have friends partying with you.) and thought that what better time to throw a party was when we both hit together.  Scarlett is one of my favorite authors and a wonderful friend and I am so glad we are doing this together.

There are, I believe, counting Scarlett and myself 50 authors, bloggers, and an editor donating 70 prizes or so for this giveaway, including a $40 gift card from Scarlett and myself to buy all the books  your heart desires (or whatever else you would like).

The pair of earrings I made for the giveaway
I will add a picture of Scarlett’s bracelet when I get it.

I want to thank everyone who is participating in our celebration!  Here are all of the people who are behind the giveaways:

Rissa Blakely, Julia Sykes, Edits By V, Jessica Hawkins, Because I Said So Blog, Brandy L Rivers, Sandra Love, Glenna Maynard, Simon Okill, Kate Mathias, Scott McKinley, Rue Volley, T.R. Fike, R.A. Sears, G.E. Stills, Sarah O’Rourke, Chelle, Piper Kay, Nadia Simonenko, Lousia Bacio, Lara Henley, Elena M. Rayes, Lindy Zart, Layla Hagan, Tara West, Petronela Ungureanu, S.L. Baker, Ada McEwan, Nikki Prince, Annie Rose Welch, L.H. Cosway, Ilsa Madden-Mills, Livia Olteano, Aubrey Rose, M. Homer, Jenni Moen, Nashoda Rose, Karen-Anne Stewart, Ryan Winfield, Lexi Ryan, Whitney Gracia Williams, Diane Rinella, Scarlett Dawn, Selena Laurence, B.A. Wolfe, Meghen Quinn

That list looks quite a bit like my favorite author list.  I have read and loved books by so many authors on there.  There is an amazing collection of books to be won in this giveaway.

Good luck!  I hope you win the prize that you would enjoy most!

  • Giveaway starts at midnight CST 5/1/14 and ends at midnight CST 5/11/14
  • There are prizes that may be US only because of shipping.
  • Digital copies are international.
  • Contributing authors/bloggers/etc are responsible for their own donations. Scarlett Jade and Not Everyone’s Mama will do their best to make sure all prizes are sent but cannot be held liable for any that are not.
  • $40 Amazon gift card will be paid by Scarlett Jade and Not Everyone’s Mama

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