Savior By Julia Sykes

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The Amazon bestselling Impossible Series continues!

My life is out of control. And I’m okay with that. I can cope. But if that’s true, then why do I feel so ashamed of myself when he looks at me like that? He makes me want to be better than what I am. I’ve never met anyone as dangerous for me as Clayton. It thrills me almost as much as it terrifies me.

Agent Clayton Vaughn turns Rose Baker’s world upside down when he enlists her junkie kid brother to spy on the Latin Kings for the FBI. He shadows her every move in order to protect her, but he has another motive for keeping her close: lust. Rose can’t deny the mutual attraction, and she finds herself submitting to Clayton’s demanding touch. She is willing and eager to give him her body, but how can she do so without putting her heart – and her life – in jeopardy?

Warning: This book contains strong language, violence, and scenes of BDSM, some of which involve ménage (M/F/M).
Note: This is a 71,000 word novel with a complete story. It should be read after Impossible: The Original Trilogy (Monster, Traitor, and Avenger), for the greatest enjoyment, but it is not entirely necessary to read the books in order.

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Impossible: The Original Trilogy (Monster, Traitor, and Avenger) (Impossible #1-3)

I *heart* Julia Sykes so much.  There are not many books I enjoy that have harder BDSM scenes, but Julia pushes my limits to the point of squirming and I always come back for more.

I loved Clayton in Impossible: The Original Trilogy which contains the first 3 books in this series and I could not wait for him to have his own story.

Have I shared that Clayton is from Indianola, IA.  While I am not from Indianola, I know it well, and it was just really cool to see a town near me mentioned in a book. That was not totally OT was it?

We have Clayton, who is not really over the fact that Claudia (who he saved in the other books) is going to marry Sean.  Enter Rose. Rose has had a tough rough life.  Her brother is an addict who is working for a nasty gang to keep his habit flowing.  Rose is kind of an enabler when it comes to him because she does not want to push him away completely.  She definitely doesn’t want him to be doing the drugs, but she also doesn’t want him to die when it comes to withdrawing.  I can only imagine that scenario and how tough it would be.  It is just her and her brother.  Her mother was cruel and horrible and damaged Rose’s self esteem to the point that she can’t see her life being anything but what it is.  She has her own addiction to help her get through her own pain, and that would be men.  No attachments, just one night to get her fix.

This is just another amazing story for Julia.  She pushed me to the point of being a little uncomfortable while reading some of the scenes, but she also leaves me craving more, more, more.  Her characters never have an ideal perfect life.  There is always some sort of struggle going on that is heart wrenching to watch as a reader.  In the Impossible series, there is always something going on that is illegal, Clayton is an FBI agent, you know there is going to be something hard core happening on that front too.

I just think Julie is an incredible author, she has a way with words that is uniquely her own, there is no sugar coating anything, everything is right there, boldly in your face, and Savior is just another excellent example of her amazing talent.

Now I have to read Knight.  I bought it the day I saw that the new release, just like I did Savior, and it is next up on my free day list of books that I absolutely have to read.

Julia Sykes

Not Everyone’s Mama

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