Sam The Night Person

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Sam the Night Person Cover

Sam The Night Person by Lisa Rusczyk

I saw Lisa’s book and offered to review her electronic version because I love my Kindle and prefer it over traditional books anymore.

Let me give you the synopsis before I tell you what I thought.

What is a night person? They thrive by moonlight, spreading lightening bolts and freezing the earth. They hide their powers from society.

Sam stays up all night, drinks coffee without pause, chain smokes cigarettes and secretly talks to the moon. Azzy knows it, but doesn’t know why or how.

Azzy has been having a series of obsessive daydreams about a young man named Sam. He seems to be a magician of sorts. All she knows is that she can’t eat, sleep, drive or work. All she can do is think of Sam. She is in love, and she must find him.

She follows a daydream to a Colorado lodge where she has seen Sam in her mind. To her astonishment, he appears there the very next day. He doesn’t believe her, but who would? Is she crazy?

Sam and Azzy have a connection. Where did it come from? And who is behind it all? Of course, there’s always a reason for everything. Azzy’s daydreams were no accident.

Will they be able to withstand the man behind the torment? After years being apart, they find themselves facing the most destructive man of water magic they have ever known. He threatens their love. Together in heart and apart by necessity, they must find a way to stop him.

Intriguing isn’t it?  So much so that I had to force myself to put my Kindle down at 3 in the morning when Pato said the light that I use with it was keeping him up and “Tengo que leventarme a las 9 en la pinchi mañana.” (I have to get up at 9 in the friggin’ morning.)  Oops.  But honey, it’s really good.

Notice I haven’t blogged until I just posted my Project 365 a few minutes ago? Know why?  Couldn’t put my Kindle down.

The synopsis tells what the story is about so accurately that if I were to add more to it, I’m afraid I would give away the ending and spoilers stink.  But, I can tell you that I really really really enjoyed this book.

From the moment that Azzy steps into the lodge to inquire about this man she sees in her daydreams to the moment of resolution, I did not want to put my Kindle down.

Lisa has a very easy speaking style when she’s writing.  It is easy to read, you become absorbed in her fun descriptions.


He wore his wet, long-brown hair in a ponytail to his waist ad spied on the world through small, round, gold glasses.

How easy would it have been to say he wore small, round, gold glasses?  No, she upped it with her language she chose.  The whole book is like that!  I LOVED her descriptions.

I’m a huge fantasy reader, vampires, werewolves, fairies, animators, all of it, I absorb those books like they are air.  I have never seen an author go with this kind of story line and it was so neat to see how her mind worked all these bits and details in an area of fantasy that I myself have never read.  (Or is it truly fantasy since these people who live by their talents from the elements live so secretly and hid from everyday normal society?  Lisa Rusczyk, do you know something we don’t know?)

I want more!  I want another Azzy and Sam story or maybe they could be side-characters in a story about Jeremy or Lori (Sam’s best friends).  Maybe we could flash forward a few years and see them teach their children whatever skills they need to survive their abilities depending what parent they take after.  Would they be a Night Person or a Seoliu?  Or how cool would it be if they had combined powers? (You have to read the book to know what I’m talking about.)  More more more!  Maybe I should check out Lisa’s other books, I bet there is more more more!  Lisa, I think this could be a whole series.  I can see Day People stories, Water People stories, maybe a book on a rare Earth Person.  Maybe even a story about CeCe finding someone for herself that is supernatural.  Not that you should base your writing career on one fan’s opinions and I am totally a fan now! 🙂 Can’t help myself, when I fall in love with characters, I want more of them. You don’t want them to leave you.

I think I read it too fast because now I’m sad it’s over.

I think this book would be good for teens and young adults to read too.  Other than the fact that Azzy and Sam smoke, I don’t recall any bad language and there is no sex scenes at all.  Like I said, it was easy to read and a really fun book.  I think they would enjoy it.

I’m off to check out Lisa’s other books!

Full Moon In December- Ebook Print

The Blue Pen – Ebook Print

And don’t forget to grab Sam The Night Person Ebook Print

If you have a Kindle, you can download Mobi Pocket Creator and convert the PDFs to PRCs.  That’s how I put PDFs on my Kindle.  I know the 2s can read PDFs now, but it’s not as nice to look at as the PRC files.


Thank you Lisa for providing me with an ebook copy of your book Sam The Night Person!  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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  • Lisa Rusczyk

    Thanks so much for the wonderful review! I’m really glad you liked it. 🙂