Rogue By Julia Sykes

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Book 3 in the Impossible Series- Can be read as a standalone.
I’ve never been a failure. I don’t allow myself to make mistakes. I’ve lived my life to painstaking perfection.
Until now.
I can’t seem to get anything right. And when you work for the FBI, mistakes can cost lives.
Busting BDSM club Decadence for drug trafficking is my chance to prove myself. And no pushy Dominant is going to throw me off my game, not even sinfully sexy club owner Derek Carter. I have to keep him close in order to uncover his secrets, but keeping him close to my body while guarding my heart is proving more difficult than I ever imagined.
He might just be my biggest mistake yet.
Warning: This book contains scenes of BDSM.
Impossible Series Reading Order
Impossible: The Original Trilogy (Monster, Traitor, and Avenger)

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Can you tell I love this series?

Dear Julia,
I just read Rogue.
I freaking love you.
Love, Heather

^^ I sent that to Julia on FB after I finished reading Rogue last night.  If I wasn’t such a wordy person I could totally leave that as my review.  It sums up my feelings perfectly.

I loved Rogue.

I knew going in that this was going to cause me a bit less emotional turmoil than Mentor and Knight did but still it was just as fantastic as every other book in this series. 

When the book starts, Sharon is in Decadence, the BDSM club owned by Derek Carter.  She is there undercover on a case and she is trying to give the appearance that she is a domme.  She drove me crazy in the beginning.  Hello, have you not Julie’s books?  Sharon, your assumptions about BDSM, doms, and subs are all wrong. 

I have to admit.  When I first started with The Impossible Trilogy, I made the same snap judgments as Sharon did about the BDSM lifestyle.  That is one of the reasons I love Julia Sykes’s books.  She takes you in and makes you understand that there is something deeper than wanting pain or wanting to give pain.  That there was more to is than just sadism and masochism.  Sure I had read FSOG like almost every other female on the industrialized planet but those books didn’t explain it like Julia does.

There is a give and take, there is protecting and caring, there is something that a sub gives a dom, not just the dom controlling the sub.  Honestly, when you delve into it, the relationship between a true dom and sub is a beautiful thing.  I don’t get that feeling from other books about BDSM.  In other books it is about one controlling the other, or one getting off on receiving pain.  Other books just aren’t on the same level emotionally as Julia’s books.

I am not going to give anything away, I am just going to say that this is just another perfect example of Julia Sykes’s amazing work.  I loved Derek.  I loved Sharon.  I loved Derek and Sharon together.  Watching Sharon start to understand herself, the lifestyle, her friends even was amazing.

Rogue moved fast, hit hard, and was just as sexy as the rest of the series.  I have gotten to the point where I sometimes skim over sex scenes.  Sometimes it feels like after you have read 1000 of them, you have read them all.  There has to be some kind of emotional growth, a new understand that blooms, something that makes me slow down and read every single word during a sexual encounter in a book anymore.  That is how it was for me with Rogue.  No cheesy unrealistic sayings that make you roll your eyes thrown in to describe body parts, no overly alpha cave man behavior, it was just beautiful.  Every single scene.

Julia, you have knocked it out of the park again.  I cannot wait to read the next book in the series!

Thank you so much for sending me a copy of Rogue! It was amazing and I loved it!

In 2012, Julia decided that spending her days with fictional characters was preferable to spending hours pouring over dusty tomes or slogging through mud. Once an archaeologist, she traded her trowel for copious amounts of coffee when she decided to start writing fiction. Her stories blend romance, suspense, and scorching scenes of BDSM.

After spending four years living in England, Julia returned to her Southern homeland. She has recently settled down in North Carolina and spends her time petting her cat-children, reading, and binge watching TV with her husband when not writing. You can usually find Julia in Starbucks with a venti iced caramel latte clutched in her hand.

Julia loves connecting with readers! Please feel free to contact her on facebook or through twitter. You can find out more about Julia’s current and future projects at

Julia Sykes

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