Project 365 Day 14

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So, now we’re off the pictures of snow and onto cherished possessions – quirky ones.  Today’s picture is this –


Yep, that’s a plastic dolphin.  Out of my whole dolphin collection that’s one of my very favorites.  (I have hundreds of dolphins, crystal, glass, copper, ceramic, lots and lots.)

Want to know why it’s my favorite?  My little brother, when he was a teenager worked at Taco Johns. (Might I recommend their meat & potato burrito and their taco bravo if you’re ever near one?)

Anyways, now that I’m done drooling over burritos, I can finish my story.  They had these little plastic dolphins for their kids’ meal toys.  Josh grabbed one and gave it to me one day.  It just touched me that he remembered that I collected dolphins (16 – 17 year olds are not known for thinking of much more than themselves, I know, I was 17 at one time.).

So that little plastic dolphin has a special place in my curio cabinet amongst all the sparkly crystal and the beautifully painted ceramic.  I <3 that silly little dolphin so much.

Wonder if Josh even remembers giving it to me.  It’s been 13 or so years since he gave it to me.

I’ll have to email him a link to this post.  Love ya J!

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