Project 365 Day 11

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Yesterday, I took a picture of my most prized possession from my grandma who passed away when I was 14.  Today, I thought I’d take a picture of the thing that holds so many memories that I treasure from my grandpa who passed away in October of 2005.


That’s it.  Have you seen those before?  It’s a coin purse.  Do you call it a purse if it’s for a man? 

He went through quite a few of these in my lifetime and I’m sure in his, and when my grandpa died, I asked my aunt if he still had one that I could had.  This is one that he hadn’t used, but it was there for him because my aunt kept a few around for him to use when the one he was using wore out.  (I actually didn’t know he had more than one, there was never a time he didn’t have one of these and I thought it was the same one for years and years until I asked my aunt about it after he died.)

This just makes me think of my grandpa.  Whenever the ice cream truck would come down the road with it’s dinging, he would get this out and give me and my cousins coins out of it.  When we’d go to the bowling ally for their league, he’d get this out for me to play the bear claw or a video game or to get a pop.  Just one of those things that I associated with my grandpa my whole life and I was so happy when my Aunt Jackie sent me one.  I opened up the package and this slid out into my head and I swear I could smell my grandpa if I stuck my nose up to it, minus the Old Spice after shave.    It was probably all in my imagination, but I don’t care, I’ll hold onto what I have.

So there you have it, between yesterday and today, 2 of my most prized possessions.  Isn’t it funny how something so small that looks so insignificant can mean so much to us?

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  • Laura

    That is just the sweetest – aren’t you glad you took a pic? Now you have to scrap it!
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..To Xanax or Not To Xanax, That is the Question =-.