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pretty witches all in a row 
Pretty Witches All In A Row by Lisa Olsen

What It's About

Someone is picking off a coven of witches one by one. Can Sgt. Nick Gibson and his team of detectives catch the killer before he loses the pretty witch who’s got him under her spell?
Nick must cast aside his disbelief and delve into the world of the supernatural to solve the case. On hand to help is Annaliese, a member of the coven who claims to have had a prophetic dream at the exact time of each victim’s death, offering clues to the identity of the killer. Can he accept the ‘proof’ offered by unconventional means or is she deliberately leading him astray to hide her own secrets? To cloud the issue, a local evangelist is telling anyone who asks that the victims had it coming. Is religious mania the motive for murder, or is it something more personal?

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I don’t know what it is about the word witch (wiccan, Salem, magical, that word is a draw for me), if it’s in the title I will 1-click just about every time.  Pretty Witches All In A Row was no exception.  The cover grabbed me as I was cruising, unsupervised (which really shouldn’t happen with that 1-click button), through Amazon.  I clicked and started reading immediately.   I seriously love that cover.  It’s beautiful and different.

I’m not going to retell the blurb for you, if you are reading reviews, you’ve read it already and know that you’re interested.

I’m going to say I loved our main characters, though there were a few moments that made me scratch my head a bit, Nick was a good detective but not the most professional, IMHO.  That didn’t stop me from liking him, it just made me think if this was real life and his superior caught him doing some of what he did, he would have been asked to turn in his badge and gun early in the book.

That being said, other than a few irresponsible professional moments on his part, I love him.  I loved Annaliese more though.  She was just very likable.  I love to spend time in a store like she has in the book.  I could imagine it in my head, smell the smells that you find in a store of that kind, hear the music playing in the background, see the people interacting.

I kind of had a feeling of who done it, and I was right, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the book, turning the pages quickly to see to see if it was going where I thought it would go.  I didn’t think it would go exactly the way it did.  The twist that was there was pretty cool. 

I am excited to read more from Lisa Olsen and have Kiss The Witch Goodbye (the next book) sitting in my Kindle wish list on Amazon waiting for payday so I can buy it.  I really enjoyed these characters and want to see where they go from here.

4 great writing, likable characters, very enjoyable stars from me!

Lisa Olsen

Meet The Writer

I’m a mother of two, happily married for twenty-four years, living in the Pacific Northwest. I am a complete TV addict (have to have it on at all times). I like to write, play online RPG’s, sing, read… lots more I can’t think of at the moment…

The supernatural has long been my favorite to write and read. Werewolves, vampires, witchcraft, ghosts, things that go bump in the night; these are a few of my favorite things to write about. Not sparkly beings with phenomenal cosmic power that are always the smartest, bravest, prettiest Mary Sue to walk the planet, but real people who just happen to have this little quirk…

I’ve been busily writing away, completing 26 novels.  Angel of Mercy, Mercy for the Wicked, Mercy for the Damned, Child of Mercy, Mercy for the Fallen, The Touch, Pretty Witches All in a Row, Kiss the Witch Goodbye, Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down, Meet Me When the Sun Goes Down, Find Me When the Sun Goes Down, Miss Me When the Sun Goes Down, Follow Me When the Sun Goes Down, Hear Me When the Sun Goes Down, Release Me When the Sun Goes Down, Trust Me When the Sun Goes Down, Tempt Me When the Sun Goes Down, Kiss Me When the Sun Goes Down, Moonsong,The Company of Shadows, The Company of Darkness, The Company of Lies, The Company of Death,The Vampire Diaries: Tabula Rasa, The Vampire Diaries: Dark Side of the Moon,and Nine Steps to Sara are available for sale now.


Lisa Olsen

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