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You know by my review how much I love Opulant Alchemy. (Speaking of which, that giveaway ends today!)


She has another Etsy store!  Peepshow Perfumes

Guess what that one is?  Your own custom blended perfume!

… So, how do you want to feel? Sexy, Succulent, Sweet, with a hint of mystery & a dash of delicate femininity? Create your own custom blended perfume from my extensive collection of high quality of fragrance oils. Pick your tangy fruits, delicate heart notes & deep base notes. A chance to create a one of a kind fragrance that is ALL YOU!
How it works…
Choose your fragrance notes from the list below. Let me know, in the notes at checkout, the proportion you would like your fragrance notes. (EX: 1 part Peach, 2 parts Vanilla, 2 parts Gardenia). Choose up to 6 fragrances to add to your perfume, but it may be as simple as 2 fragrances… or leave it to me & just let me know the notes you would like.
All finished perfumes are "perfume" strength (strong!) & will be in a base of pure grapeseed oil. Safely packaged in a 1/8 oz glass roll on bottle with a black cap. I will choose a sassy “Pin Up Girl” label for your bottle! … We all have a little saucy pin up girl in all of us, just dying to get out!

Again, like all of her prices, they are way too reasonable!  ($11 for your own custom made perfume?  That is crazy!)  I hopped right on over and blended up my own perfume, well, actually, she blended it. I just picked the parts.

I ordered –

2 parts Sweet Pea
1 pt lily of the valley
1 pt violet
1 pt cherry blossom

Sweet pea is my absolute most favorite scent in the world, so it had to be the main smell. 

It got here today and I could just about eat myself up after putting it on.  It smells so good!  It’s fresh, and floral, and just smells clean.  I am so happy with it.  I know that just like her other perfumes, this one will last all day too.  I’ve rarely have to reapply.  I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on her perfumes.  The most recent one was when I was standing right next to my almost 12 year old niece, she said something smells so good!  I said is it this?  as I gave her my wrist.  Yep!  I want some!  I was wearing Flowerbomb at the time.  I can’t wait for Taylor to smell this one! 

Can’t forget the packaging!  My Peepshow Perfumes label is so cute.  Got myself a little redhead pin up girl. 

I am totally going to make another one for myself.  I’m thinking something with red apple, maybe vanilla, and I’m wondering how cherry blossom would smell with that?

I’m also thinking about my neice’s birthday in July.  If her mom can tell me what Taylor’s favorite scents are.  How many other 12 year olds do you know with their own custom made perfume?

So, ladies after you enter the giveaway to win one of her fabulous perfumes from her Etsy shop, Opulent Alchemy (that one is on me, I love her perfumes so much, I am giving one away out of my own pocket), head on over to Peepshow Perfumes and blend up your favorite scents!

To the FTC man, this review is all me!  I received nothing for it.  I purchased my Peepshow Perfumes perfume all on my own and as always, have to share her wonderful products cuz they smell so good!

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  • Thanks for the tip,am going to try out the peepshow perfume.Hope the scent is just cool.I was once given a gift of sweet perfume,its such a great fragrance.Thanks for the blog