Painting Rocks In Central Iowa

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painted rocks

Have you jumped on the painted rock bandwagon yet?

I’ve been a member of Des Moines Rocks for quite awhile but hadn’t had a chance to paint any.   When we moved I couldn’t find all of my paints and paint brushes for the longest time.  Not only did that cramp my rock painting, it cramped me getting new dolls up in my Etsy store.  Yes, I am working on one right now. 🙂

painted rocks

The first rock Alyce found.  The second one is the Hawkeye one she is holding in the first picture.  She seems to be the rock magnet out of our family.  No one else has come across one yet.

painted rocks

 I finally broke down and ordered some more paints, brushes, and sealant, they just happened to arrive the same day my husband found my paints in the garage.  I sat down and painted some of the rocks I had been holding on to.

painted rocks

Of course, the kids (except Jordan who threatened to make inappropriate rocks if I forced him to paint) had to join in.  Katiana’s rocks are above.

painted rocks

Alyce’s rocks above.

painted rocks

Nano’s rocks are in that box.

We had fun going out and hiding them.  I rocked what I call the vintage area of the town we live in, the old part where I grew up.  My kids had me drive to different parks, grocery stores, and a fountain to hide theirs.  We had to take pictures everywhere we went to give to the group as clues.   Our rocks are gradually being found and posted, or not posted.  Either way, it’s so much fun to leave these places and bring a smile to someone’s face.

painted rocks

Those are two I am working on now.  Corn for Iowa and that little pig… I don’t know if I am going to be able to hide it anytime soon.  My grandpa was the first one who taught me how to draw a pig when I was 4.  That’s how he taught me how to draw one.

little pig


If I do hide that one, I’ll make myself another one.  I think I’ll leave a little paper with it explaining the significance of that little piggy to me.

What’s the point?  Creativity, hanging out as a family painting and hiding them, making someone’s day a little brighter when they find it.  They can keep it,  rehide it, paint one and replace it, whatever their heart desires.  It’s just fun.

If you want to read a bit more about rock painting, Scary Mommy has a great article.

And if you are in central Iowa, along with the Des Moines Rocks group that I linked to above here are some more.

Waukee IA Rocks and Waukee Rocks

Dallas Center Rocks


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